2014 is nearly over – cue the dropped jaws and “Whaaaaaat? How did that happen??”


Another year over, another 1,095 meals eaten by each of us (perhaps a few less for those of you who skip breakfast). Either way, 365 days are behind us, days that were – as usual – full of culinary treasures in Richmond. Here’s a roundup of the Best of Richmond in 2014, including both old and new favourites.

Food writer and Richmond-lover Charles Koh visited from Seattle several times this year, sharing his explorations and exceptional photography on the blog.


One of his best new discoveries was Smokehouse Sandwich Co., a stylish, family-run sandwich shop off Westminster Highway.


Everything is made from scratch, including their lemonades and hot sauces.


Charles’ sandwich recommendation? The Samson: coffee crusted, strawberry glazed beef brisket with butter leaf lettuce, red bell peppers & aioli.


Add some house-cut potato chips and a mason jar of lemonade, and you’ve got one incredible lunch.


Charles also crafted a post called Where to Eat in Richmond, BC in 48 Hours, an outstandingly in-depth guide for his fellow Seattle-ites who want to visit Richmond, although it’s a list anyone can utilize (including locals).


He provides a thoughtful and detailed itinerary for those wishing to spend a weekend exploring (and mainly eating!) their way around the city.


Stops include dinner at Haroo, a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf, dim sum at Shanghai River, and sushi at Ichiro. It hits all the major food groups and takes the stress out of choosing where to go; Richmond has an obscene number of good restaurants, and since it could get a little overwhelming for first-time visitors to the city, this post is perfect.


This year, Ethan Adeland (one of the co-founders of the Food Bloggers of Canada) also lent his voice to the 365 blog, including two guides to exploring the Richmond Night Markets.


He ate an impressive number of market goods and gave recommendations on what to try, including hand-pulled noodles, squid (a night market MUST),


and sugar-coated Slavic rolls. They’re like big hollow donuts filled with nutella. Yup, chocolately hazelnut spread just poured on in there. I need to stop talking about them now because I want one so badly.


Ethan also provided readers with a GREAT guide to Congee and Chinese Donuts!


For the post, he sampled bowls at four different restaurants, as well as each of their offerings of Chinese donuts, those deep-fried sticks of deliciousness meant to accompany the rice stew/soup/porridge (whatever you want to call it).


If you’ve never tried congee before but want to get into it, you can use this post to navigate your way through Richmond’s congee scene (yes, you’d better believe it’s a scene).


For those of you wanting to celebrate a healthful 2014 and an even healthier 2015, good news! This post on Living Café showcases this relatively new addition to Richmond, a place where you can eat your greens and find refuge if you suffer from food allergies.


The father-daughter team behind it are passionate about healthful eating and have created a gluten and peanut-free menu that also includes vegan, paleo, and raw options.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.42.04 AM

Living Cafe is great for both locals and visitors alike, because it’s a place where any group can go, regardless of dining restrictions, to have an exceptionally tasty (and healthy) meal together.


And finally, of the Richmond adventures I was privileged enough to have this year, my favourite was A Sunset Picnic at Iona Beach – my first trek out there!


My friends Sally (a human) and Francie (a puppy) joined me there for a picnic dinner with goods I’d purchased at Osaka Market, a snacking wonderland.


Half the fun of the day was wandering the aisles, picking up the tastiest treats I could find. And of course, few things can beat an evening spent at the beach, sitting in warm sand and looking out over the water.


We ate, walked the dog on the breakwater, and watched as planes descended from the sunset into YVR. It truly was the best of summer. Francie agreed.


A very Happy New Year to everyone – looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings to Richmond and beyond!