For dessert fiends, the Richmond Night Market and International Summer Night Market offer an overwhelming number of options. After having your fill of rotato and dumplings, what should you eat next?! Mini donuts? Deep-fried Oreos? To help ease your indecision, here are 10 sweet treats that are well worth the indulgence.




1. Ice Cream Fish Bun (International Summer Night Market)

Fans of Taiyaki (fish-shaped cakes filled with red bean paste) and ice cream can now satisfy two cravings at once at Ice Cream Fish Bun which is both the name of the stall and what you’ll be eating. A scoop of vanilla ice cream fills the open mouth of the Taiyaki, along with drizzles of chocolate syrup, a berry skewer and a chocolate Pocky ($5).


candied strawberries


2. Candied Jumbo Strawberries (Richmond Night Market)

Get an extra serving of fruit (and sugar) at Candied Fruit which offers a selection of skewered fresh produce, such as grapes, with a hardened sugar syrup coating. The jumbo strawberries ($4.50) are definitely the crowd favourite.


amazebuns, deep-fried sweet buns


3. Deep-Fried Sweet Buns (International Summer Night Market)

Amazebuns (need we say more?) deep-fries sweet dough until golden and crisp, and then drizzles them with your choice of topping, such as chocolate syrup. Condensed milk melts wonderfully into the warm buns to create a tantalizing treat ($3 for 3, or $5 for 6).


mango mille crepe cake

4. Mango Mille Crêpe Cake (International Summer Night Market)

The cakes at Miss Lina are elegant showstoppers, featuring layer upon layer of paper-thin crêpes, decadent whipped cream and fresh mango ($9 per slice). Matcha, chocolate and strawberry versions are also available. They’re made just hours before the market opens so they’re especially delicious!


mango mochi

5. Shaved Ice with Mango, Mochi, and Ice Cream (Richmond Night Market)

Mango lovers will also adore the menu at Mango Yummy. While the mango-and-tofu drink is a great pick, you’ll be even more satisfied with their mammoth-sized signature dessert. Shaved ice is topped with vanilla ice cream, mochi balls, chunks of fresh mango and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream ($7).


dragons beard candy


6. Dragon’s Beard Candy (Richmond Night Market)

Once reserved for the state banquets of Chinese emperors, this special confection is now a popular night market staple. Watch staff at Kam’s Dragon’s Beard Candy hand-pull gossamer maltose sugar strands that are then wrapped around chopped peanuts, shredded coconut and sesame seeds ($4.50). The result is so much better than cotton candy.


tofu pudding with red beans

7. Tofu pudding with Red Beans and Purple Sweet Potato Balls (International Summer Night Market)

On a hot summer’s day, nothing beats this refreshing Taiwanese treat at Soy Boy. Dig into a bowl of silky sweet tofu pudding, along with red beans and chewy Hawaiian purple sweet potato balls for a delicious dessert experience ($6).


pan fried ice dessert

8. Pan-Shaved Ice Cream (Richmond Night Market)

The newest dessert novelty, which hails from Thailand, consists of rolls of ice cream formed on a super-cold metal surface. Monster Fried Ice tempts you with a variety of flavours, such as passion fruit, strawberry, coconut and Oreo. The chocolate one ($6) comes with whipped cream, tapioca pearls, chocolate bits and sprinkles.


bubble waffle


9. Bubble Waffle (International Summer Night Market)

A visit to the night market isn’t complete without an order of Bubble Waffles (gai daan jai). At Ying’s Bubble Waffle, these Hong Kong street-food classics arrive hot from the pan, with a crisp exterior and a soft and egg-y inside ($4). Choose from original, green tea or chocolate.


Slavic Roll richmond night market

10. Slavic Roll (Richmond Night Market)

Try (unsuccessfully) to resist the Slavic Rolls booth, where yeast dough is wound around a wooden cylinder, rotisserie-baked and then rolled in cinnamon sugar ($6). A variety of fillings, like Bavarian cream, lemon, apple, and Nutella, elevate this dessert to the next level.

International Summer Night Market (ISNM)

Where: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond, B.C. (Behind Home Depot)

When: Friday/Saturday 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., Sunday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission: Free admission, free street parking, free shuttles from Bridgeport Canada Line SkyTrain Station and free wi-fi.

Richmond Night Market (RNM)

Where: 3063-8700 McKim Way, Richmond B.C. (Walking distance from Bridgeport Canada Line SkyTrain Station)

When: Friday/Saturday 7 p.m. to 12 a.m., Sunday and Holidays 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Admission: $2.75, free for kids 10 and under. Free admission for ages 60 and up.