It’s that time of year when green shoots pop up and colourful flowers start to emerge throughout the city. And for many people, the charming cherry blossoms are the perfect reason to grab a camera and head outside in Richmond every spring.

From scenic parks to urban thoroughfares, there’s a full bouquet of blossom spots to marvel at here. Ready to explore further? Polish your camera lens, check your settings, and hit the road with this list of top cherry blossom locations in Richmond.

Cherry Blossoms at Garry Point Park
Cherry blossoms make an appearance each spring. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

For additional information on cherry blossoms, check this handy Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival map, using ‘Richmond’ as your search filter. Keep in mind that not every tree blooms at the same time; the trick is to visit several sites to see what’s flowering­­. 

Remember to stay safe and be respectful while you’re out viewing Richmond’s cherry blossoms: stick to sidewalks and pathways, don’t venture into anyone’s yard, and do not pick the blossoms (that way everyone can enjoy their beauty)! 

We’d love to see your photos, so please share your favourite shots with us via social media, using the hashtag #RichmondMoments.

Garry Point Park

Home to more than 250 Akebono trees, Garry Point Park is the best spot in Richmond to see cherry blossoms. And although the park’s 2021 Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival is going virtual this year, you can still bring yourself and your camera here this spring to snap some scenic images.

Cherry Trees at Garry Point Park
Garry Point Park is home to 255 cherry trees. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Cherry Blossoms at Garry Point Park
Clouds of pink blossoms at Garry Point Park. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Wondering why there are so many blossom trees in this park? Read our blog post for the fascinating backstory.

Grant McConachie Way

On the main Sea Island road to Vancouver International Airport, there are multiple cherry trees and magnolia trees lining the route. While you’re in the area, add a side-visit to Iona Beach Regional Park for some top-notch birding—and the chance to see birds such as eagles, hummingbirds, red-tailed hawks, and more.

Spring is also the perfect time to spot magnolias. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Larry Berg Flight Path Park

This unique, family-favourite park is studded with aviation-related installations and information panels—plus a plethora of young blossom trees. It’s also a great spot for a picnic!

Minoru Park

A popular nature enclave in the heart of the city, Minoru Park is home to some well-established blossom trees as well as lots of fragrant flowerbeds and ponds that attract a variety of birdlife. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the park and consider taking some photos near Minoru Chapel.

Minoru Park
Springtime at Minoru Park. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Cherry Blossoms at Minoru Park
Minoru Park is the perfect place to spend a spring day. | Photo: Tourism Richmond


It’s never a bad idea to stroll the scenic Middle Arm Dyke Trail; you’ll spot birds, wildflowers, and some intriguing public artworks. But if you divert from the trail at No. 1 Road, you can also discover at least two dozen colourful Akebono trees just waiting for their camera close-ups.


Head to the Riverport Sports and Entertainment Complex and you’ll find a host of cherry trees framing the parking lot in front of Watermania (a popular aquatic attraction), and along the SilverCity Riverport Cinemas building.