I’m now more than halfway through my 365 days of dining, and I’ve eaten a crazy amount of good food!  Here are some of my favourites so far – a good list with which to start your own Richmond culinary adventure!

*Please note, the restaurants and dishes listed under each heading are in no particular order.

Ichiro Sushi

Top 5 Asian Food Restaurants:

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants:

Diner No. 1


Top 3 Breakfasts:

The Sweet Spot Macaroons

Top 5 Bakeries:

Parsnip Soup at Globe @ YVR

Top 3 Fine Dining Experiences:


Top 10 Dining Experiences:

Coconama at La Chocolaterie in Izumiya Market


Top 10 Unexpected Finds: