Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC


Everyone knows oysters are a popular aphrodisiac to order on Saint Valentine’s Day, but what about the lesser-known conspirators of romance, such as coconut, salmon, pomegranate, and watermelon? For an alternative Valentine’s Day feast that doesn’t require a single reservation, check out 365’s roadmap to cupid-approved dishes at Aberdeen Centre.




Whet the appetite with a before beverage

Begin your non-traditional Valentine’s Day meal with a Watermelon Juice with Coconut Jelly ($5.65) at 8 Juice in the food court. 8 Juice makes fresh juices, smoothies and slushes from a cornucopia of fruits and veggies. Sip a fresh, sweet drink while overlooking the mall’s dancing waterfall.



Oysters Appetizer


Oysters in the appeteaser

Oysters are the rock stars of the aphrodisiac club, so warm up the palette at Guu with Kakimayo ($5.20); which combines bits of baked oyster with spicy cod roe, potato, and corn kernels in a creamy mayo cheese sauce. The dish is small, served in a warm ramekin and demands to be eaten slowly. The sauce is rich and luxurious, so savour each spoonful.



Mix Match Drink


Candy Cocktail

For the cocktail of the night, try a blend of vanilla ice cream, pomegranate juice, and Ramune from Guu’s Mix & Match drink menu ($5.50). This brew is a blast of nostalgia and tastes like the Double Bubble gum you loved as a kid. The choose-your-own-drink-adventure menu gives diners a chance to throw in some sake or other liquor if you so desire.





Spice it up

The Ultra Spicy Roll ($11.80) is an eight-piece sushi dish featuring shrimp tempura, spicy sashimi, smoked salmon, cucumber, and three kinds of spicy sauce. The spice is delicate, but tingly. The seafood is all fresh, no fishiness. With the rich reds and oranges of the dish, it’s passion on a plate.



Sugarholic Aberdeen Centre


Dainty desserts

Now that you’re feeling amorous, it’s time to end on a sweet note. A new spot has opened up at Aberdeen Centre and just in time for Valentine’s Day desserts! Check out Sugarholic’s delectable four-treat deal, where diners get to choose from a selection of fresh desserts for $13.95, and this includes a pot of herbal tea. Look out for aphrodisiac delights like the coconut and jelly fruit tart, and the green tea macaron.