Locals and visitors can unleash their curiosity for free when the 14th annual BC Culture Days extravaganza kicks off this month. Running in communities throughout the province from September 22 to October 15, Richmond is one of the biggest participants––and this year, there are more than 70 diverse digital and in-person events to check out around the city.

There’s lots to explore at this year’s Richmond Culture Days. PHOTO CREDIT: Kai Jacobson and City of Richmond.

From artist demonstrations to live performances and from interactive activities to guided tours, the event showcases a kaleidoscope of local creatives and cultural organizations. But the trick is to plan ahead. Read on for our handy guide to making the most of Culture Days––one of Richmond’s most eclectic and rewarding community happenings.

What’s happening in Richmond during Culture Days?

There will be special events at multiple venues, from galleries to museums and from churches to libraries. The city centre’s Richmond Cultural Centre will be a key hub, with lots of events and activities planned––including the launch weekend on September 23 and 24, where there will be presentations, performances and hands-on activities from 11:00am to 4:00pm each day.

There will be some fascinating artist demonstrations to see this year. PHOTO CREDIT: BC Culture Days.

What should I go to?

It depends on your interests! For a full rundown of Richmond’s Culture Days activities, visit this handy link. The three-week event is a great opportunity to explore local scenes and activities you might not be familiar with––and perhaps discover a new hobby or pastime. Keep in mind that everything is free or sometimes by-donation, and pre-registration is only required for a small number of activities.

The event is a great chance to consider new hobbies or pastimes. PHOTO CREDIT: BC Culture Days.

I’m an art fan: what are some of the highlights?

Rock paintings on display at the Richmond Cultural Centre. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

There are exhibitions from Lipont Place to Richmond Art Gallery and beyond. There are also workshops, hands-on activities and artists showcasing their methods. We’re especially looking forward to a drawing demonstration by graphic art novelist Laura Riviera; the pop-up art exhibitions at the Steveston Museum; and a free bus tour of Richmond’s amazing public art installations (registration required).

Explore Richmond’s public art installations. PHOTO CREDIT: BC Culture Days.

Tell me more about the hands-on activities

There are plenty of ways to exercise your personal creativity at this year’s Richmond Culture Days. You’ll find workshops on everything from painting to paper weaving to lumen printing and beyond. There’s even an improv comedy class hosted by the Richmond Improv Theatre Society. Some activities require registration but most operate on a drop-in basis––just check the time and location and turn-up on the day.

Learn the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy. PHOTO CREDIT: BC Culture Days.

Are there any performances to watch?

There are some cool live performances to catch during the three-week celebration. Highlights include the Camilli String Quartet performing in Steveston and the Richmond Community Band performing at the Ivan Franko Ukrainian Hall. You can also attend and even join in with a couple of open choir rehearsals. We’re also looking forward to checking out the toe-tapping strummers at the Ukulele Ensemble Open House.

Camilli String Quartet will perform a variety of musical styles, engaging the audience with witty commentary. PHOTO CREDIT: BC Culture Days.

Are there any hidden gem activities?

We are particularly looking forward to October 7’s Botanical Nature Walk, an art and Indigenous-themed stroll around Minoru Park. On the same day, we’ll also be heading to the Steveston Tram, where a vintage BC Transit Museum bus will join the site’s antique streetcar for a day of historic insights and family-friendly fun. We’re also considering attending the Botanical Self Portrait Collage Party at the Richmond Art Gallery on October 14!

There will be special Culture Days programming at the Steveston Tram. PHOTO CREDIT: John Lee.

Are there any kid-friendly activities?

Many events are suitable for families. But some are especially perfect for junior participants. Children will love Kite Tales at the Richmond Museum, where they can learn about kite history and design and make their own kite. There will also be a chance to meet and greet Cinderella from the Gateway Theatre’s much-anticipated upcoming holiday show. And the friendly folks at Defy Gravity Dance Company will once again be hosting ballet and jazz dance classes for curious kids.

See what dance classes are all about and get a behind the scenes look at how a dance studio works. PHOTO CREDIT: BC Culture Days.

What about the digital-only activities?

There are more than a dozen of these to consider during the three-week run. They include self-guided tours where you can use your digital device to follow art or history-themed routes. There are also some fascinating online videos that illuminate local stories with archive images, latter-day videography and more.

Check out Richmond Stories, a collection of 10 short videos that bring Richmond’s history to life through storytelling, archival photos, and modern videography. PHOTO CREDIT: BC Culture Days.

How should I get around during the event?

Culture Days locations are spread throughout the city. You can drive to each location, walk to some of them or even plot a cycling route around the ones you want to visit. In addition, check out your bus and Canada Line transit options via the TransLink website.


Richmond Culture Days
Date: September 22 to October 15, 2023
Location: Various locations in Richmond, BC
Admission: Free

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