With 800+ restaurants, Richmond has an endless menu of international dine-out options. But you can also exercise your adventurous appetite at the city’s numerous food courts. These fancy-free spots are a budget-friendly way to sample authentic, often unexpected dishes. And one of the biggest of the bunch is inside Aberdeen Centre mall.

Steps from the Canada Line’s Aberdeen Station, there are dozens of stands here, ranging from rare outposts of big Asian chains to independent mom and pop operations with legions of loyal followers. If you’re a first-timer, start by circling the food court and perusing the menus, noting which dishes seem particularly popular with customers. Still unsure of what to try? Don’t be afraid to ask what the most popular dishes are and dive right in. Check out our video below:

Keep in mind that weekends and lunchtimes can be especially busy here—eating off-peak may be a good idea—and many stands only accept cash or cash and debit.


The first Canadian outlet of an Asian chain with 500+ location, you’ll likely spot the lineups at Saboten as soon as you step off the escalator. The queue moves quickly though, and it’s well-worth the wait for a range of Tokyo-style comfort dishes centered on what may be the best tonkatsu breadcrumb-fried pork you’ve ever tried: perfectly crisp coatings enclosing velvet-soft boneless meat. There are several set menu variations—including Japanese curry and fried-shrimp versions—but the detailed plastic models of several options make choosing easy.

Don’t miss: the Saboten Set includes three freshly-fried breadcrumb chicken, pork, and shrimp, along with rice, miso soup, and finely shredded cabbage. The only problem? It might not be enough…

Saboten Set from Saboten Japanese Cutlet. | Photo Credit: Tourism Richmond


Wu Fung Dessert is known best for their celebrated street-style chicken wings. Fresh-cooked (let them cool before you tuck in; they’re really hot), glazed to perfection, and served in portion sizes from 3 to 12 pieces, you’ll wish you’d ordered the next size up, no matter which option you choose. But a small order is a great side for a larger Wu Fung main: consider a brothy bowl of tofu skin with noodles.

Don’t miss: the crispy-skinned, crunchy-coated chicken wings are almost legendary—add a little bit of sweet hoisin sauce for the full effect.

Chicken wings from Wu Fung Dessert. | Photo Credit: Tourism Richmond.


A popular place to dive into dim sum and more, create your own selection of shareable dishes from the extensive menu at Shanghai Morning. Each priced from $5 to $11, you’ll find everything from leek cakes to soup dumplings and from Chinese donuts to green onion pancakes here. But if it’s too hard to choose, there are also several popular combos––which is a great way to avoid ordering an overabundance of small dishes!

Don’t miss: The soup dumplings are delicious here: perfectly chewy little parcels packed with a tender melange of juicy and deliciously flavoured pork.

Soup Dumplings from Shanghai Morning. | Photo Credit: Tourism Richmond


Specializing in traditional cuisine from Northern China, the menu at Shine Valley offers lots of lovely lamb options, including stewed flank, aromatic skewers and their ever-popular baozi dumplings. But it’s the lamb soup––a steamy, fortifying broth bobbling with meaty slices, clear noodles and crisp veggies––that everyone needs to try here. Just make sure you get some dumplings to take home as well!

Don’t miss: Combo A comes in three sizes and includes a hearty bowl of lamb soup, a cold dish of the day (ours was spicy cabbage and potato) and a flaky, smoky-flavoured savoury cake that’s an ideal soup accompaniment.

Hearty lamb soup combo from Shine Valley Express. | Photo Credit: Tourism Richmond.

JOHN 3:16 Malaysian express

One of Aberdeen’s newest vendors, John 3:16 Malaysian Express is a satellite of a highly successful local Malaysian restaurant. Peruse the bright LED menu screens here and you’ll find an excellent array of classic mains––including curry laksa and Hainanese chicken on rice (both featuring juicy chicken slices). There are also some highly tempting appetizers that are perfect for sharing at your table, including curry puffs and deep-fried yam rolls.

Don’t miss: We’re huge fans of the spicy laksa here, but the Malay roasted chicken on rice is also a top contender. This luscious, crispy-skinned roast chicken is served with some fresh greens and a mound of perfectly fluffy rice.

Spicy laksa from JOHN 3:16 Malaysian Express. | Photo Credit: Tourism Richmond


Situated on a row of Aberdeen Centre’s busiest food stands, Mambo Cafe is a comfort food king. Like a Hong Kong hawker stand with a seemingly endless menu, you’ll find hearty dishes ranging from breaded pork chops to egg and luncheon meat on macaroni. There’s a fusion feel to many of the dishes but whatever you decide to try, be sure you add a cup of hot, creamy, sweet HK Milk Tea. If you need to fuel up on a cold day, this is a great place to dive into a large, well-priced dish. 

Don’t miss: the baked pork chop—breaded and cut into thick slices, it’s slathered in sauce, cheese, and veggies, and served on a layer of rice. It’s a wonderfully gloopy mess to keep you going for a full afternoon of Aberdeen Centre shopping.

Baked pork chop on rice from Mambo Cafe. | Photo Credit: John Lee

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