It’s easy to get into a dine-out rut of visiting the same familiar restaurants over and over again. But in Richmond, with hundreds of deliciously diverse eateries to choose from, it’s well worth making the effort to discover somewhere new to add to your personal hunger-busting menu.

Looking for suggestions? Read on for a tasty array of places to eat in the city that you might not have heard of yet. Each of these establishments has opened during the past 12 months––and every one of them is worth considering the next time you’re in Richmond and looking for a great place to eat.

Aloha Hawaiian Grill

110 – 3900 Bayview Street, Richmond, BC

The perfect antidote to a West Coast rainy day, dive into a sunny serving of Hawaiian comfort food at this Steveston Village charmer. Choose from a tempting array of classic homestyle dishes such as Loco Moco (a beef patty with mushroom gravy served with fried egg on rice) or Huli Huli Chicken (deliciously marinated boneless chicken on rice). And be sure to save room for a bowl of shaved ice––flavour options kiwi, guava, pina colada and many more.

Check out the Huli Huli Chicken dish at Aloha Hawaiian Grill. PHOTO CREDIT: Aloha Hawaiian Grill.

Nyonya House

110 – 3866 Bayview Street, Richmond, BC

Fans of Malaysian cuisine should beeline straight to Steveston’s waterfront where the small but beautifully formed Nyonya House is serving up some eye-rollingly delicious dishes. You’ll find well-loved Malaysian favourites such as laksa, satay skewers and Hainanese chicken. But dig deeper into the menu and you can launch yourself into a taste-tripping adventure with options such as pork ribs in red curry or deep-fried chicken topped with shredded mango.

Breakfast Table

12480 No. 1 Road, Richmond, BC

The recently opened Steveston satellite of a wildly successful Vancouver breakfast and brunch restaurant, there’s a surprisingly large array of options to consider at this heart-of-the-village eatery. Traditional brekky fans will find a top-notch version of eggs and bacon or sausage (we love the pork and leek sausages here) while more adventurous diners should consider the breakfast ratatouille, chicken karaage hash or miso lager-braised beef brisket casserole.

50s Burgers

3791 Bayview Street, Richmond, BC

A tasty new outpost for Burnaby’s popular comfort food favourite, 50s Burgers fuses nostalgic interior flourishes with a menu that’s jam-packed with deliciousness. You’ll find everything from hot dogs to chicken wings to retro-style milkshakes here, but it’s the dozen or so burger varieties that most diners can’t wait to dive into. Options range from the Greek Burger to the Texas BBQ, but consider the Steveston Classic––a burger adaptation of fish and chips that comes in cod or halibut versions.

Best Fortune Restaurant

2130 – 8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC

A recent addition to Richmond’s famous Food Street––a tempting smorgasbord of dozens of restaurants crammed into a few blocks of Alexandra Road––Best Fortune is already luring legions of locals who love spicy Sichuan food. Expect hearty, family-style dishes such as lamb hot pot and chili pepper chicken but don’t miss their specialty cold pot skewers: there are dozens of varieties to choose from here if you’re hungry for a flavourful feast!

B House Restaurant

1101 – 8328 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC

Another new Richmond satellite of a popular Vancouver eatery, B House fuses Vietnamese and wider Asian roots with Pacific Northwest flourishes and ingredients. That means an intriguing menu of dishes ranging from a pork belly bowl to red curry mussels and from green papaya salad to slow braised lamb shank. Brunch fans will also find plenty of great options––we love the delicious blackened steelhead hash here.


1008 – 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC

Located in Aberdeen Centre, fans of top-notch treats should head straight to this Instagram-worthy Japanese bakery where the signature croissants come with perfect honeycomb interiors. The selection of flavours varies by season, but keep your fingers crossed for options such as white chocolate, taro pudding or fresh strawberry custard––which is filled with a decadent, velvety custard concoction and topped with slices of juicy fresh strawberry.

There are lots of lovely options at Hazukido. PHOTO CREDIT: Hazukido

Yokai Tapas & Sake Bar

140 – 8133 Cook Road, Richmond, BC

An intimate and inviting Japanese-style izakaya, this is a great place to share a selection of small plates with chatty friends. There’s a massive array of traditional and adventurous options to choose from, ranging from salmon tempura to miso black cod and from jumbo ebi fries to crispy pork belly with a spicy gochujang glaze. Fans of yakitori skewers will also be delighted by a selection that includes wagyu beef, rose wine sausage and many more.

Longdhang Shanghai Cuisine

8053 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC

Among Richmond’s hotly contested array of Shanghainese restaurants, this new Food Street location is hooking locals with its tempting selection of authentic dishes. You’ll find all the classics here, from green onion pancakes to pan-fried buns and from pork wontons to crispy rectangles of deep-fried sticky rice. It’s a great place to explore Shanghai cuisine for the first time or simply revisit a few of your favourite dishes, expertly prepared.

Delicious pan-fried buns from Longdhang Shanghai Cuisine. PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Richmond.

A Bite of Shunde

2215 – 4653 Garden City Road, Richmond, BC

Richmond is celebrated as the best city in North America to find authentically prepared cuisines from different Asian regions––and this new local restaurant is a great place to sample distinctive Cantonese dishes from the Shunde area of southern China. The flavourful, made-with-love menu items include traditional classics such as clay pot rice, braised bullfrog, pepper-salted duck tongues and more. Bring your friends and settle in for a culturally immersive feast!

Give classic Cantonese dishes a try here. PHOTO CREDIT: Richmond News

Daan Go Cake Lab

100 – 4731 Garden City Road, Richmond, BC

Time for dessert? One of the region’s most creative cake-making cafés is right here in Richmond––and it’s the kind of place that makes you smile while you’re indulging your sweet tooth cravings. Take your time browsing the glass cabinets of artistic confections (we spotted cakes shaped like cats, cactuses and ramen bowls on our visit), then dive into whatever tickles your taste buds. And don’t forget to pick up some macarons to-go: decorated like cartoon characters, flavours include matcha, tiramisu and Hong Kong milk tea.

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