It’s that time of year when a steaming cup of coffee is the ideal way to infuse your body with much-needed warmth. But on especially cold mornings or yet another of those relentlessly rainy afternoons, snagging a seat and slowly sipping your java in a cozy coffee shop is even more beneficial.

Luckily, Richmond has a full menu of warmly welcoming independent coffee cafes that are perfect for fall and winter hunkering. Wondering where to go? Read on for some of our favourites––then add a lingering pit stop or two to your next day out in the city.

Steveston Coffee Company

3511 Moncton Street, Richmond

Score a little wooden table in the snug interior of this Steveston favourite and you’ll find it easy to forget all about the inclement weather outside (unless you slide onto a tall seat at the window). Classic coffee varieties and more dominate the drinks menu––we’re fans of the white chocolate mocha––but it’s also hard to resist the ham, egg and cheese English muffin when you need an energy boost to fight off the cold.

Steveston Coffee Company is a village favourite | Photo Credit: John Lee

Fresh Press

121-4940 No. 3 Road, Richmond

A tiny, triangular-shaped hidden gem at the city centre’s Alderbridge Place strip mall, this 10-year-old hot spot has a loyal band of followers. They come for the meticulously crafted beverages––try the lavender latte––and the carefully curated selection of fresh-baked treats. On rainy days, snag a small table alongside the tree mural on one wall and you’ll feel like you’re in a lush and leafy woodland. 

Sanctuary Cafe

160-13020 No. 2 Road, Richmond

Loved by cyclists––check out the ceiling-mounted bike wheels––this London Landing haven is a super-welcoming spot whether or not you pedaled your way here. The wood floors and terracotta-hued brick walls add to the coziness, while the classic coffees (we always go for the delicious cortado) are excellent antidotes to chilly weather. Food-wise, light lunches are available but we typically dive into a gooey cinnamon bun to delay our return to the freezing outside world.

Sanctuary is a warm and welcoming London Landing spot | Photo Credit: John Lee

R Ki Coffee Lab

110-8280 Lansdowne Road, Richmond

Across the street from Lansdowne Centre, this warming little nook feels like a secret coffee den transported from the backstreets of Tokyo. There is no food available, but there is a deep, almost puritanical desire to showcase taste-trippingly fantastic java. A small-batch roaster (this is a great place to buy take-home bags of top-notch beans from Brazil, Panama, Ethiopia and beyond), savour your beverage while perusing some back issues of Barista magazine here.

Village Books & Coffee House

130-12031 First Avenue, Richmond

Being surrounded by books while sipping your caramel macchiato is like wrapping yourself in a comfy fleece blanket. Which is why this Steveston bookshop cafe is an ideal cold season hangout. Add a chunky cookie or hearty muffin to the mix, but save time to peruse the tall bookcases. You’ll find a well-chosen array of new and used volumes––if its still raining outside, why not buy a tempting tome and crack it open alongside a second helping of coffee?

Good reads and great coffee combine at cozy Village Books | Photo Credit: John Lee

Pomona Coffee

1010-8300 Capstan Way, Richmond

Echoing the elegance of classical European coffeehouses, Pomona––named after the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance––is tucked into the Union Square Shopping Centre strip mall, a five-minute walk from Canada Line’s Aberdeen Station. It’s well worth searching out on a chilly day, though, for a cozy, banquette-style side table and an excellent $13 cake and siphon coffee deal––a great reason to sit back and avoid going back outside. 

Rocanini Coffee Roasters

115-3900 Moncton Street, Steveston

Steveston’s hippest java haunt, this large, laid-back corner cafe uses beans from its own roaster to chef-up its tasty brews. All the classics are available here (they make a great flat white) and tea is also a big part of the mix. There’s also a tempting array of baked goodies at the counter. But if you want to avoid gazing through the large windows at yet another dank day, head to the back corner––it’s the coziest spot in the cafe.

Warm-up with a coffee at Rocanini | Photo Credit: John Lee

Viva Java

9-2900 Smith Street

An honourable mention for this 30-year-old gem, tucked into an unassuming spot five-minutes from Canada Line’s Bridgeport Station. Currently offering takeout only (payment is also via cash or e-transfer only), Viva is revered by in-the-know coffee fans. Roasting choice beans from Kenya, Colombia and beyond, its bright-painted, cabana-like counter is a warming balm on a freezing day, while its perfectly-prepared beverages will definitely have you coming back for more.

Viva is a beloved Richmond coffee spot | Photo Credit: John Lee

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