Plant-based dining has never been more popular. And if you’re hungry for vegan and vegetarian restaurant options in Richmond, read on for some our road-tested favourites––including fully meat-free eateries as well as regular restaurants where multiple veggie dishes are available

Richmond has plenty to offer when it comes to plant-based dining.

Afuri Ramen and Dumpling

140 – 7971 Alderbridge Way

A short walk from Canada Line’s Lansdowne Station, this bright, high-ceilinged contemporary Japanese restaurant serves an enticing menu of ramen, rice bowls and shareable small plates. There’s also a thoughtful array of vegetarian options available here. Don’t miss their spicy hazelnut tantan ramen, but save room for a steamed bun filled with crispy, deep-fried shitake mushrooms or some velvety gyoza dumplings, stuffed with cashews, cabbage, leeks, scallions and ginger.

Delicious vegetarian gyoza at Afuri. PHOTO CREDIT: John Lee.

4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine

160 – 7771 Westminster Highway

Loved by local meat-free dining fans for over three decades, this small, city centre restaurant is a must––especially for first-time vegetarians or flexitarians trying to eat more plant-based meals. A pioneer of Chinese-style dishes that look like meat but aren’t, you’ll find everything from fried mushrooms that resemble chicken wings to crunchy sweet-and-sour platters that look and taste like pork. There aren’t many tables, so consider dining off-peak or ordering takeout here.

A delicious vegan sweet and sour dish at 4 Stones. PHOTO CREDIT: 4 Stones.

Ginger Indian Cuisine

490 – 9100 Blundell Road

There are more than a dozen meat-free dishes to choose from at this family-run restaurant––including Indian comfort food classics such as aloo gobi and veggie korma. Fans of paneer (a silky Indian cheese) will also find several dishes to consider––our favourite is the spinach-packed palak paneer (also available as a naan bread wrap). Keen to create a feast? Loosen your belt and add vegetable samosas, pakoras and deep-fried cauliflower bites to your table––but don’t forget to share!

The Juice Truck

12151 First Avenue, Steveston

Alongside its juices and smoothies, this cheery village café has recently revamped its food menu––and it’s now stuffed with enticing vegan-only options. There’s a weekly-changing hot special (we love the velvety red Thai curry), plus a cabinet brimming with fusion rice and salad bowls  (try the spicy Korean macro bowl). We also love the hearty wraps and sandwiches as well as the new samosas and roti rolls. But if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss Juice Truck’s decadent peanut butter fudge cups.

A hot entrée like this red Thai curry is typically available at Juice Truck. PHOTO CREDIT: John Lee.


12051 Third Avenue

This warmly welcoming Iranian restaurant is a firm favourite with in-the-know locals. But alongside its lamb, chicken and beef dishes, there’s also a great selection of vegan and vegetarian options. Veggie starters include falafel, spinach borani and stuffed vine leaves, but we also love their hearty plant-based mains––stews, platters, kabobs and more––plus the enticing lunch specials that include some delicious eggplant-based options.

A roasted eggplant dish at Anar. PHOTO CREDIT: John Lee.

No.9 Restaurant

812 – 5300 No. 3 Road

Located at the main entrance of Lansdowne Centre and one of the city’s rare 24-hour eateries, this popular, fancy-free restaurant is often busy. Bypass the crowds by dining off-peak and then dive into a huge menu of Chinese and Hong Kong comfort dishes as well as breakfast and Western-style options. There’s a full page of more than 30 meat-free choices here, ranging from congee to dry turnip omelette and from vegetarian spring rolls to (our favorite) stir-fried beansprouts with egg. Note: this restaurant is cash-only.


128 – 11782 River Road

This hidden gem Armenian bakery is a super-friendly joint offering a delicious array of meaty dishes and pastries. But vegans and vegetarians should also beeline here, especially if they’re feeling extremely hungry. Order at the counter, then head upstairs to the dining area to wait for mouthwatering treats such as jingle bread––a diamond-shaped pocket stuffed with onion, dill, spinach and parsley––or burek, a golden, pinched-corner pastry filled with warm, gooey cheese. Dessert? We adore the sweetly layered honey cake here.

Dive into a cheese-filled burek pastry at Lamajoun. PHOTO CREDIT: John Lee.

Ji Xiang Vegetarian Cuisine

8181 Cambie Road

Among the handful of intriguing options at the under-the-radar President Plaza Food Court, the entirely meat-free menu at Ji Xiang is based on traditional Buddhist principles. There’s a huge array of dishes––the handy photos surrounding the counter help––and many are clever, plant-based versions of dishes such as ‘chicken’ nuggets and barbecued ‘pork’ with rice.  Our favourite? Bring a friend and dive into a hot pot bowl of golden mushroom with tofu skin.

The fortifying golden mushroom with tofu skin hot pot at Ji Xiang. PHOTO CREDIT: John Lee.

Co’m Vietnamese Restaurant

120 – 7688 Alderbridge Way

This contemporary Vietnamese eatery serves a large array of traditional and modern dishes that includes a dozen or so meat-free options. You’ll find Vietnamese crepes, hot and sour soup and mushroom-forward wok-fried rice. But our favourite is the luscious yellow curry––a spicy creation stuffed with veggies and fried tofu and flavoured with that all-important coconut milk. Still hungry? Add a dessert of deep-fried banana with coconut sauce––then walk a few blocks to work off the calories.

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