Locals and visitors are gearing up for the return of one of the Lower Mainland’s most popular annual events––and 2024 promises to be its biggest and best season yet. Opening on April 26, the much-loved Richmond Night Market will operate on weekends and holiday Mondays until October 14. And once again, there’s a full menu of great reasons to drop by for a fun-tastic evening out.

“Our special theme this year is Summer Sweet Dragon,” explains Richmond Night Market manager Karen Wan. “For the Year of the Dragon, our whole site will be covered with colourful decorations and new neon lights.” But 2024’s festive look and feel isn’t the only reason to gather your friends and family and head on over––especially if you’re hungry.

“This year, we will have more than 110 food vendors onsite,” says Wan, referencing one of the main reasons for the market’s enduring popularity since its inaugural season almost 25 years ago. As ever, the food stands this time around will be a taste-tripping fusion of returning favourites and those offering the kind of buzz-worthy new dishes that continually pop-up on social media.

Choosing what to eat is always a challenge here! PHOTO CREDIT: Richmond Night Market.

According to Wan, this year’s Instagram-ready treats will include sushi hotdogs, chicken lollipops, kimchi bacon rolls, flying cup noodles, foot-long super fries and luscious-sounding crème brûlée made with chestnut cream. Many lip-smacking classics from previous seasons will also be back, including fried potato spirals on sticks and super-stretchy rainbow-coloured grilled cheese sandwiches.

Thirsty beverage fans will also have plenty to dive into, from Harry Potter-style butter beer to Hawaiian shave ice in multiple flavours to coconut milk drinks topped with bobbling toy ducks. “There really is something for everyone––whether you’re looking for a favourite from last year or something new and exciting that you’ve never tried before,” says Wan, adding that visitors will find hundreds of food and drink options from dozens of countries here.

But visiting the Richmond Night Market isn’t just about satisfying your appetite. “We have also expanded the number of retail vendors for 2024, so there are lots of reasons to go shopping during your visit,” Wan says. This year’s new and returning vendors will be selling everything from toys to small accessories and from candy to press-on nails. Visiting souvenir shoppers will also find a great selection of Canada-themed T-shirts for everyone on their gift list.

Adding to the fun and included with your admission, the 2024 market will also be serving up a highly diverse array of live entertainment every night.  This year, there will be lots of local school and community groups offering charming cultural performances on stage––look for choirs, dancers, martial arts experts and more––as well as several toe-tapping K-pop bands to liven up your evenings.

There are games galore at the Richmond Night Market. PHOTO CREDIT: Richmond Night Market.

And alongside the family-friendly games and activity stands, North America’s largest night market is also unveiling its biggest ever bouncy castle attraction this year––and it’s also themed on the event’s Summer Sweet Dragon motif.

With plenty to see and do here during its 2024 run, Wan offers some handy tips for market visitors. “It’s a good idea to come early in the evening. And although we have free parking, we recommend coming on the Canada Line––Bridgeport Station is just a few minutes walk away,” she says, adding that holiday Mondays can be a little less busy than regular weekend evenings and that bringing cash is advisable since it’s the only payment option for many vendors.

One of the Lower Mainland’s best night-out options for friends and families. PHOTO CREDIT: Richmond Night Market.

Wan’s biggest 2024 tip, though, is the Zoom Pass. General admission to the market is $8.50 this year (seniors and under-7s are free). But a $40 Zoom Pass––which includes its own express entrance––covers five admissions and is suitable for one person making multiple visits throughout the season or for a group planning to arrive together for the evening. “It’s even transferrable, so it’s great for friends and families who want to buy one to share,” adds Wan.

Rotato Potatoes will be back again this year. PHOTO CREDIT: Richmond Night Market.

If you go:

The 2024 Richmond Night Market runs from April 26 to October 14. It will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays plus holiday Mondays. From April 26 to May 31 and from September 2 to October 14, opening hours are 7:00pm to midnight Fridays and Saturdays and 7:00pm to 11:00pm Sundays and holidays. Between June 1 and September 1, the hours are the same––except for Saturdays and Sundays when opening hours are extended from 6:00pm to midnight.

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