Gareth Roberts – Destination Development Manager

Congratulations to Gareth Roberts on being promoted to Manager, Destination Development! Gareth joined Tourism Richmond’s Destination and Industry Development team back in June 2022 and has made an immediate impact on not just the organization, but also the community. He has successfully led some incredible projects, including the launch of the EPIC Tourism Awards, and the Artist Painted Benches in collaboration with the Steveston Harbour Authority – and much more.

Gareth continues to embody Tourism Richmond’s core values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration. We eagerly anticipate his continued growth in his career and his substantial contributions to both the team and the tourism industry.

Learn more about what Gareth is most looking forward to in his transition to manager!

Are there any new challenges or opportunities that you’re excited about as the Manager, of Destination Development?

I’m most excited about taking the lead on exciting projects for 2024 and beyond. Challenging myself to deliver the most innovative initiatives for Richmond is something I’m passionate about, and the new role will allow me to build on the projects I’ve been delivering in 2023. The Tourism Richmond Destination and Industry Development Team is small but mighty, and I’m looking forward to supporting the Destination Experience Coordinator, Abbi, to continue the amazing work they do!

Did you receive any special training or support to prepare you for your new role? How has it helped you in your transition to Manager?

Since my first day at Tourism Richmond, my Director, Ceri, has been amazing at giving me support, guidance, and the freedom to take ownership of key projects. This has set me up well for taking on the Manager role where I’ll be taking greater ownership of project development and delivery.

How does it feel to have achieved this milestone in your career?

It feels great! I’m grateful for the opportunity, particularly as I’ve received this promotion whilst being part of such a passionate, energetic, and talented team at Tourism Richmond!

All the best in your new role, Gareth!