Food Street
Food Street

Food Street in Richmond, BC

70+ amazing restaurants over just three blocks.

Alexandra Road, known by locals as Food Street or Wai Sek Kai, is a three-block stretch of the Golden Village famous for being a foodie’s dream. It has the highest concentration of restaurants in the city, most serving delectable Asian cuisine. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Note: Peak hours means gridlocked traffic as hungry diners scavenge for parking. Those in the know take the Canada Line instead of driving, and walk from Aberdeen or Lansdowne Station.

Leisure Tea (Taiwanese)

This longstanding bubble tea café serves fresh and creative takes on this Taiwanese drink. Leisure Tea offers a wide range of tea-based—green, red, black, herbal, etc.—and milk-based drinks. Leisure Tea also serves a range of East Asian desserts like Japanese cheesecake and baobing, a Taiwanese shaved ice dessert covered in fruit, jelly, taro pearls, and basically any other topping you can think of. It’s a delicious way to cool down.

G-Men Ramen (Japanese)

Reminiscent of a trendy ramen shop in Tokyo, G-Men serves up some of Richmond’s best ramen in a bustling setting, perfect for dates. Aside from traditional varieties where tonkotsu (pork bone broth) is the star, G-Men offers brothless takes on ramen along with a range of toppings to customize your bowl, plus a range of donburi (rice bowls) featuring everything from spicy cod roe to chopped octopus.

Claypot Hot Pot (Chinese)

What sets Claypot apart from other hot pot restaurants is its three-tier offering, which features a hot pot ‘tower’ on your table. There’s two kinds of broth on the bottom, a grill above that, and a steaming basket on the very top. This gives diners plenty of choice with what to eat—we like seafood in the broth, meat on the grill, and dumplings in the steamer. Complement your hot pot with a cold Tsingtao (Chinese beer).