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Doors Open Richmond

We'd like to take you behind the scenes for this year's digital version of the annual Doors Open Richmond event. Take a moment to learn about Tourism Richmond's brand, and how we promote Richmond to the world.

Brand Story

There are places where the real world reveals itself. Where filtered photos give way to the unvarnished beauty of every day.

Places where people and cultures converge. Where the refined and the raw mix. Working waters give way to scenic sunsets. Industry weaves its way through people’s lives. Places where contrasts are celebrated, enriching every interaction.

It’s in these places where the real promise of Canada is kept. And the splendour of diversity becomes apparent.

Here you’ll find the soul of the Pacific. The true coast of Canada. Here you’ll find Pacific. Authentic.

Pacific. Authentic. Richmond BC



Richmond is defined by the dynamic convergence of pacific cultures and authentic Canadian coastal experiences. It is a unique mash-up that yields constant discovery of pacific experiences and authentic human moments.

Pacific - Chef


Here you will experience the truly pacific: where coastal and cultural mix together every day, in every way. It’s a place alive with an energy that can only come from a true cultural convergence. It’s where Canada’s iconic coastal lifestyle is infused with the Pacific Rim sensibilities.



Here you will experience the truly authentic: A place that is real, raw, and unvarnished. A place constantly redefining itself through the constant discovery of anyone exploring it. A place that forces every visitor to experience something out of their ordinary, if not out of their comfort zone.

Behind the scenes

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