Once Upon a Time Underworld Scene
Once Upon a Time Underworld Scene

Once Upon a Time FAQs

Have a question about visiting the Real Stoybrooke? Here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions!  

Where is Steveston?
Steveston is a historic fishing village located in southwest corner of the city of Richmond, British Columbia. Many people are surprised to learn that the real Storybrooke is actually in Canada!

Do you have the film schedule for the entire year?
Film notices are only released a few days in advance (typically 2 - 10 days) of filming. As soon as a film notice is received, the information is posted on Facebook and Twitter.

How often does filming happen in Steveston?
Filming has historically occurred on 1 - 3 day(s) per month, but really depends on what location the script calls for. Signage and sets go up the day before filming and come down the day after. Filming usually happens from July through to March. Please note that while not much, if any, filming for Season 7 is expected to take place in Steveston, you can still visit at any time!

Who will be filming on set?
This information is not released. So you never know which actors you might see on a film day!

How do I get to Steveston by air?
The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is actually located in Richmond, BC! Once you fly here, you will only be minutes away from the neighbourhood of Steveston, which is easily accessible by car, taxi, or public transit.

How do I get to Steveston on public transit?
The answer to this varies depending on your starting location! Translink offers a Trip Planning tool you can enter your start and end locations into (a good end location is the Visitor Centre, located at 3811 Moncton Street). The Concierge team at your hotel can help you make local travel plans. If you are traveling from downtown Vancouver, take the Canada Line skytrain to Richmond-Brighouse Station, and then transfer to the #401-ONE ROAD bus at Bay 2.

Are there any alternative ways of getting to Steveston?
Yes! You can purchase a ticket for the Richmond Hop-on Hop-off Attraction Tour. There are 7 stops on the tour, including Steveston and several hotels in Richmond. It's a great way to explore the city, and each ticket includes free admission to the Olympic Experience at the Richmond Olympic Oval. 

Which hotel should I stay at?
Richmond is home to 23 brand-name hotels, all located within approximately 15 –20 minutes from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and approximately 15 –20 minutes from Steveston.

Can I purchase merchandise from the Visitor Centre online?
No, but we look forward to welcoming you to Steveston so that you can see the Real Storybrooke in person!


Welcome to Storybrooke

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Moncton Street
An introduction to the 'Real Storybrooke.'
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