We’re excited to announce that the Richmond EPIC Tourism Awards are returning for 2023!

The Awards celebrate the people, places, experiences, and attractions that make Richmond such a vibrant and welcoming place to visit.

Each EPIC winner embodies Tourism Richmond’s values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity and, Collaboration in all they do.

Working together, Richmond’s tourism and hospitality businesses make Richmond an EPIC destination.

Together we are Pacific. Authentic. Richmond BC


The 4 Categories for 2023 are:

  1. Excellence Award for Innovation
  2. Passion Award for Individual Achievement (Nomination by colleague or industry peer)
  3. Integrity Award for Community Participation
  4. Collaboration Award for Successful Partnership

View the criteria and apply via the online form below. Deadline for applications and nominations is 25th October 2023.

Winners will be announced at the Tourism Richmond Year End Celebration on 30th November 2023.


Excellence Award for Innovation

The Excellence Award celebrates businesses in Richmond that have taken novel and creative approaches to problem solving.

This could be the development of a new or existing product, a business operation, or a marketing campaign that has brought about significant successes!

Applicants will be able to show how their initiatives have been successfully implemented, bringing about real benefits to their business, and contributing to the wider Richmond visitor economy.

Examples of eligible applications:

  • Adopting new technologies or ways of working
  • A marketing campaign that has made your business visible in a crowded market
  • A new approach to business operations that has put your business a step ahead of the competition
Passion Award for Individual Achievement

***Nominations for this award must be made by a colleague or peer within the industry.***

The Passion award for Individual Achievement recognizes a tourism superstar that has shown outstanding dedication and passion in their role.

This award celebrates those who have championed Richmond to residents and visitors, gone above and beyond, and made a significant contribution to tourism in the city.

Examples of eligible nominations:

  • A colleague who has provided an excellent visitor experience
  • A member of your team who has been the driving force behind positive change within your business or the wider community
  • A volunteer who has made a significant contribution to their local community
Integrity Award for Community Participation

The Integrity Award for Community Participation highlights a business that has shown an exceptional commitment and contribution to the people and environment of Richmond.

Finalists must show how they have brought about positive change through operating with the values of their local community at heart. This could involve initiatives specifically undertaken for the benefit of community, working towards sustainable or regenerative business activities, or delivering on a business strategy that puts Richmond communities first.

Examples of eligible applications:

  • Providing services to residents requiring support from their community
  • Leading on initiatives that bring the community together, such as cultural events
  • Working to sustain and improve the local environment
Collaboration Award for Successful Partnerships

The Collaboration Award recognizes an exceptional project or initiative that has brought together two or more Richmond tourism businesses to create a new or improved product, a more effective way of working together, or bringing enhanced benefits to the city’s residents.

Applicants must put forward a project or initiative that has been implemented and started showing its successes. Collaborations can be between private businesses, or private/public partnerships.

Examples of eligible applications:

  • The creation of a unique product or service through collaborative working
  • Building business resilience through establishing a business network
  • A public/private initiative to improve the visitor experience

Past Winners

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