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Food & Drink in Richmond, BC

Let Richmond’s menus be your guide as they tell the story of the city.

Foodies rejoice! With a dining scene as vibrant and diverse as the people that call Richmond home, eating here is like travelling the world. Just follow your nose to the 800+ restaurants serving something delicious from every corner of the globe. Here, you can sample North America’s best Chinese cuisine, try fresh-caught Pacific Northwest seafood (or buy it right off the boat), snack late into the night at our internationally recognized night market, and sip on locally-produced berry wine and craft beer.


Richmond’s food scene is inclusive, eclectic, and comprehensive. You name it, it’s here. Taiwanese, Indian, Greek, Thai, Japanese, Italian…the restaurant list is truly endless. But what really impresses international visitors is Richmond’s Chinese cuisine. Among numerous other accolades, Richmond was named by as having North America’s best Cantonese food. With one bite, we think you’ll agree.

Wine and Beer

Richmond is home to a growing scene of burgeoning craft breweries and wineries, quietly establishing itself as a new industry player in the region. This fertile region is also home to cranberries and blueberries that make some of Canada’s finest fruit wines. You can try Canadian icewine from Lulu Island Winery, a deliciously sweet dessert wine produced from grapes frozen while still on the vine. Richmond also has a resident sake brewer, YK3, offering adventurous libations like berry sake.

Food Street

Alexandra Road—or Food Street as the locals call it—is home to over 70 restaurants on a three-block stretch. Every night, the strip comes alive with the sizzle and spice of down-home Pan-Asian cooking. Here, you’ll find everything from tender noodles and savoury hot pot to spicy curry and cooling bubble tea. To say it’s a food lover’s dream would be an understatement.

Richmond Night Market

Truly an authentically Asian experience, the bustling Richmond Night Market hosts over 100 food stalls and more than 200 retail vendors. In addition to knickknacks and entertainment, people visit the Richmond Night Market for snacks and street food like tornado potatoes, grilled squid, handmade roti, dragon’s beard candy, bubble waffles, and so much more.

Food Courts

Unlike any other food courts in Canada, Richmond’s are home to some of the most well-loved mom and pop stalls in the city. Visitors and locals alike fall in love with these spots, dishing out some of the most soulfully authentic Asian cooking you’re sure to ever taste—all at wallet-friendly prices

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