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Dining Guides

Richmond, BC Dining Guides

Let your tastebuds guide you on a trip around the world of food. 

You won't go hungry in Richmond. With over 800 restaurants at your fingertips, you’re bound to find something good to feast on regardless of your budget or palate. Check out the dining guides below to learn more.


Short of travelling to China, this is where you’ll find the best Chinese cuisine on the continent. Foodies and critics the world over have raved about Richmond’s wontons, dumplings, Hainanese chicken rice, claypot rice, and so much more. After much delicious sampling, we’ve put together a guide to our favourite Chinese cuisine in the city.


Dim Sum can be explained as Chinese tapas for brunch. These small bites with a whole lot of character are traditionally eaten between 9am to 2pm with many restaurants stopping service in the afternoon. The bigger the group, the more you can order, so grab some friends and dig in with our guide to Richmond’s best dim sum.


Crush your hunger, not your wallet. These food courts and quick-service restaurants are far from the fast food and restaurant chains you might expect. We visited Richmond’s food court stalls, night market stands, and various restaurants to give you the best meals and dishes available for under $10 in our cheap eats guide.


From savoury to sweet and sizzling to subdued, Alexandra Road—commonly known as ‘Food Street’—is where you’ll find over 70 restaurants on one three-block stretch. Discover the delicious Asian cuisine your heart and palate desires in our Food Street dining guide.


Delicious ingredients straight from the farm and ocean aren’t hard to find in Richmond. Whether it’s fresh seafood from the public sales float at Fisherman’s Wharf or something homegrown at any of Richmond’s 200+ local farms, it’s possible to eat amazing food while supporting the local economy. Learn all about what’s in season at Richmond’s farmers’ markets in this guide.


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