Cheap eats.
Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats in Richmond, BC

Some of Richmond’s tastiest bites happen to be its cheapest.

Those on a budget, or those who just like a really great deal on good food will love Richmond, as there is an abundance of amazing, authentic, and surprisingly affordable dining options. Many can be found in food courts, but some options are out and about in town. Regardless of location, all are reputed among locals for having great food, and many are mainstays in the local business and student communities for quick lunches and inexpensive (yet filling and delicious) dinner options. If you’re looking to crush your hunger while stretching your dollars, look no further than this cheap eats guide.

NOTE: The majority of the restaurants on this list are cash-only, so don’t forget to visit an ATM before you go.

Aberdeen Centre Food Court

Over 20 different stalls at Aberdeen Centre serve Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Szechuan, and much more.

Bubble Waffle Café—Go for the noodle soup bowls. They come with a drink and add-ons like their famed bubble waffles, all for a very reasonable price. Also try the tornado potatoes, a Night Market favourite.

Wu Fung Dessert—Their notorious chicken wings are untrimmed, crispy-breaded with Chinese spices and a hint of ginger, and extremely juicy on the inside. There’s also affordable noodle soup, deep-fried squid tentacles, and delicious curry fish balls.

Yougo Chicken—Try the extremely addictive popcorn chicken nuggets here. This Taiwanese street food staple is extremely popular and makes a nice meal with noodle soup.

Parker Place Food Court

One of Richmond’s first Asian malls, Parker Place, is still going strong today with plenty to offer.

Joy’s Taiwanese Kitchen––The gua bao (Taiwanese hamburger) is savoury and substantial, and Joy’s does it better than most places in Richmond. The minced braised pork on rice is filling and delicious, and don’t forget a cup of milk tea to go with your meal.

Lai Taste—This Vietnamese stall is incredibly cheap and incredibly delicious. Their sprawling menu is full of fresh and fragrant food, and locals LOVE their banh mi sandwiches.

Icy Bar—This place is best known for its mango tapioca drink and shaved ice desserts, which can be customized in a number of delicious ways. You’ll also find exotic creations like mango pancakes and durian plant pudding.

Parker Place (Aberdeen) BBQ Meats—Pork, duck, chicken, and an otherwise huge selection of succulent grilled meat to go awaits you at this small butcher shop. Make it a meal with rice and condiments.

Richmond Public Market

The Richmond Public Market features a few hidden gems in its food court.

Xi’An Cuisine—this modest stall is known for its hand-pulled noodles, which can be fried up or added to a delicious soup. Get there fast—they tend to sell out at lunch.

Peanuts Bubble Tea—This is one of Richmond’s first bubble tea stalls, in operation since 1996. Try their milk teas, which come in a range of exotic flavours like Calpis and wintermelon.

Chef Liu Kitchen—This small Taiwanese food stall offers a number of tasty and inexpensive snacks like popcorn chicken along with larger meals like braised minced pork on rice with stewed egg and combo specials.

Cheap Eats Elsewhere

Not all of Richmond’s best food deals are in its food courts.

HK BBQ Master—This family-run restaurant sells some of the most authentic HK-style BBQ you’ll find in the city. Many dishes are inexpensive and will leave you very satisfied (and very full).

Prata Man Singaporean Restaurant—It’s unsurprising Prata Man has been open for over 20 years—their food is delicious! Try the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Mie Goreng, or satay skewers.