Dumpling Trail
Dumpling Trail

Dumpling Trail in Richmond, BC

Grab your chopsticks, some extra napkins, and get ready for a taste explosion.

While it isn’t a literal trail of dumplings—as deliciously amazing as that would be—the Dumpling Trail is a collection of 20 restaurants serving up some of the most delectable dumplings this side of the Pacific. In fact, it was listed among CNN Travel’s list of 12 of the world’s most enticing food and drink trails! They’re crispy, they’re chewy, they’re stuffed with everything from soup to meat, and they’ll have you craving much more from the first bite.

An Intro to Dumplings

While the Dumpling Trail is home to countless regional varieties of Asian dumplings, these are often considered the most popular:

Xiao Long Bao give an addictive Shanghainese take on dumplings, stuffed with pork and a tantalizing soup.

Har Gow are dangerously delicious shrimp dumplings wrapped in a tapioca starch pastry.

Siu Mai are not only beautiful, they’re delicious—stuffed with pork, shrimp, and topped with salmon roe or sometimes a whole prawn.

Wontons are versatile and popular for good reason, stuffed with savoury shrimp and/or pork and equally delicious boiled, deep fried, served in soup, with noodles, or in spicy sauce.


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