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CNN Travel
12 of the world’s most enticing food and drink trails by Laura Kiniry
“Breaded and duck-filled wu gok or deep-fried wontons can all be found along the Dumpling Trail -- a curated list of approximately 20 eateries that are home to some of the freshest, tastiest dumplings throughout Richmond, British Columbia.”

Food & Wine
This Pacific Northwest Trail Isn’t For Hiking, It’s For Eating Delicious Dumplings by David Landsel
“Just across the Canadian border, Richmond, British Columbia is one of North America's best Chinatowns, and they've created a bite-size itinerary to help you get straight to the good stuff.”

The Globe and Mail
A Gut Busting Walk on Richmond, B.C.'s Dumpling Trail by Kat Tancock
"A new curated list of Asian restaurants in Richmond, B.C., joins a growing catalogue of self-guided food and drink tours for visitors eager to sample regional offerings."

Eat Your Way Along Richmond B.C.'s Dumpling Trail by Sheri Wetherell
"Don’t be tempted to turn around when you approach this nondescript hole-in-the-wall. It’s not fancy, but chef/owner Takeo Sato is known to dish up some of the best ramen outside of Japan, and his pork, prawn and scallop gyoza (potstickers) are nothing to sneeze at either."

Passport Magazine
Richmond, British Columbia – A Foodie’s Guide, by Jim Gladstone
“The Dumpling Trail consists of over 20 different restaurants and vendors, most within walking distance of each other… Proprietors are happy to have guests drop in for just a plate or two before moseying along to the next course.”

Great British Chefs
5 of the best dumplings in Richmond, British Columbia, by Tom Shingler
“We’ve put together a more in-depth foodie guide to the city here, but if you’re looking for more of a whistlestop tour of Richmond then visiting a few places on its Dumpling Trail is the perfect way to experience its incredible food offering.”

The Toronto Sun
Along the Dumpling Trail in Richmond, B.C., by Jim Byers (Postmedia Network)
“Dumplings in all their form – steamed, fried, with soup or broth tucked inside – are big in Richmond. So much so that the tourism folks developed something called The Dumpling Trail, with nearly two dozen restaurants listed, all of which have been inspected and verified for tasty cuisine.”

The Travel Bite
5 Reasons Foodies Should Visit Richmond BC, by Rachelle Lucas
“With 20 vetted restaurants — tried, tasted, and approved by local foodies — it’s the perfect culinary vacation guide.  Plus, you’ll get a little taste of all the dumplings of Asia, including wontons, bao, gyoza, and more!”

Discovering the highs and doughs of delicious Asian dumplings by Michele Sponagle
“Follow Richmond’s new dumpling trail to find the best eats the city offers. Focusing on just one food item simplifies your culinary exploration. And with 20+ different types of dumplings, from deep fried to dessert versions, boredom is not an option.”

BC Living
Top 3 Places to Start on Richmond’s Dumpling Trail, by Amy Watkins
“Tourism Richmond’s Dumpling Trail highlights the top spots to try delicious dumplings—from daytime dim sum of Har Gow and Siu Mai to late-night bites of wontons and gyoza.”

Daily Hive Vancouver
Richmond's Dumpling Trail: Choose your own food-venture by Lindsay William-Ross
"...in Lansdowne mall’s food court, you can watch the masters at R&H fill and fold dumplings. It’s mesmerizing. When your number is called, you retrieve your plate teeming with juicy water-boiled dumplings, or steamer basket of Xiao Long Bao–Shanghainese soup dumplings."

Explore BC, the official HelloBC Blog
The Richmond Dumpling Trail by Lindsay Anderson
"Empire Seafood Restaurant makes some of the city’s best har gow (shrimp dumplings). They’re cooked just right; the shrimp keep a bit of crunch, and their colour peeks through the chewy, translucent rice wrappers." 

Richmond’s Dumpling Trail Delights by Jaclyn Jularbal
"For a more intimate atmosphere, try the upscale dining experience at Su Hang. With a window that looks right into the kitchen, you can watch as the dumpling chef works diligently away at creating each tasty morsel from scratch."