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Specialty Food Shops in Richmond, BC

Richmond is where culture and culinary combine.

From savoury to sweet, and homemade to imported, Richmond is a hub for people who love good food. Drawing from an array of cultural influences, every trip to Richmond’s specialty food shops is guaranteed to yield discovery of something new and delicious.

Thanks to its temperate climate and rich soil, many crops flourish in Richmond and the surrounding area, giving you endless choice when it comes to farm-fresh produce at local farmers’ markets and produce stands.

Richmond Country Farms is a family-owned and operated farm store that carries home-grown berries, pumpkins, corn, and a whole lot more. The Fowl Farmer, operated by Mayview Farms, offers free-run fresh and frozen chicken alongside a selection of local produce and artisan foodstuffs. It’s also surrounded by cranberry bogs, where you can buy fresh cranberries.

Artisan and small-batch products aren’t hard to find at farmers’ markets like the Kwantlen Street Market and the Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market, where you’ll find specialty items like beer, wine, honey, sauces, and baked goods. Richmond is also home to a 5th generation sausage maker from Germany, Drews Driessen. His shop, D Original Sausage Haus in Steveston, sells sausage handmade with specially-selected meats. Drews also sets up shop at community events, serving up freshly-grilled sausages sizzled to perfection.

Those with a sweet tooth should visit Sinfully the Best and Wild Sweets by Dominique & Cindy Duby to indulge in award-winning artisanal chocolate and sweets. And all across Richmond, you’ll find local favourites like screamers (a combination of soft serve ice cream and flavoured slushie), mini donuts, and bubble tea.

Also not to be missed are Richmond’s Asian grocery stores (such as T&T, Foodie World, H Mart, Izumiya, Osaka Supermarket, and many others), where you’ll find specially imported items hard to find anywhere else. Tea is a good example. As a staple of many East Asian cultures, good tea isn’t hard to find in Richmond. Head to Ten Fu Tea or Great Mountain Ginseng at Aberdeen Centre for an abundant selection of specialty and imported tea made from quality ginseng, jasmine, and other herbs and botanicals.

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