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JULY 2017

CEO’s Message

Bruce OkabeDear Team Richmond,

Summer is upon us and this summer is shaping up to be one of the busiest ever for our hotels and tourism businesses. Inbound flights into YVR are seeing record capacity and the Canadian dollar relative to other currencies continues to make our destination popular for those coming for a Metro Vancouver experience. Richmond is capitalizing on the interest from visitors coming to our region but we must prepare for the future and develop strategic initiatives that appeal to the emotional DNA of potential visitors. As part of these preparations, we will be re-visioning our brand so that it is strong in its appeal and communicates the remarkable and unique experiences that a visitor can have in our destination.

During the month of June, we conducted two sessions to consult with our stakeholders on what our brand should encompass. Both sessions were well attended and the feedback we gathered will be invaluable as we move forward in redefining our brand. Our new Chief Marketing Officer Allen Chen and his team will work with our consultants and agency to come up with a brand that leverages our strengths and that aligns with our strategic partners at Destination Canada, Destination BC, and Tourism Vancouver. We will be following up with some participants and with others who were not able to attend the sessions through one-on-one interviews, so that we might gain further insights into how our brand should be shaped.

As part of our strategic consultations with stakeholders, Tourism Richmond conducted a stakeholder satisfaction survey to determine what our strongest benefits to stakeholder are and where we can improve. The results are detailed below but from what we have seen, there is opportunity to fulfill the needs of our stakeholders and improve our satisfaction score going forward.

Our cooperative marketing investment program has launched and I am pleased to announce that we have begun to receive applications for funding. I encourage all tourism businesses to have a look at the program’s criteria and if there’s a fit, apply for funding. We are here to help drive business activity for tourism businesses and there is no better way than to invest in your good ideas.

During this summer, I will continue to visit members and stakeholders to listen to what they need from Tourism Richmond to ensure their business success. I have gotten to know many of our members and stakeholders well through visits and I look forward to meeting more of our city’s key businesses in the coming  months. If you wish to send me your thoughts on the tourism sector in Richmond, please contact me at

Kindest regards,

Bruce Okabe
Tourism Richmond Team Member
Chief Executive Officer

Tourism Richmond Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Result

Tourism Richmond held a strategic planning session in early May and identified the need to conduct an annual stakeholder satisfaction survey.  We formed our survey based on similar surveys from Destination BC, Tourism Vancouver and Tourism Victoria, and sent out a total of 382 surveys to our existing and past members, with 84 surveys returned.

The survey collected information that included general business profiles, an overall satisfactory score, the importance and the satisfactory level of stakeholder benefits for each business, the awareness of tourism marketing activities in the community, and an open comment section for our stakeholders to voice their concerns and questions.

Membership Satisfaction Most important Benefits Least Satisfactory Benefits

From the 84 surveys collected, we found out that our relationship with local tourism businesses needs to be strengthened, with an average satisfaction average of 3.58 out of a possible score of 5.

From our stakeholders’ comments, we found that a website that drives business to them, our annual visitor guide and map, the calendar of events on our website, and social media campaigns are very useful to tourism businesses in Richmond.  Based on this feedback, we will concentrate our efforts on programs that deliver what our stakeholders need from Tourism Richmond to help drive business to their businesses.

We were advised by our stakeholders that there is an opportunity to improve on sales lead generation and referrals, enhance in-market sales mission, and enrich our FAM tours and site inspections.

Based on feedback, we have concluded that we must continue building a strong digital presence; create value added campaigns for the local tourism businesses; and ensure our partners get more opportunities to be involved with us and understand why Tourism Richmond’s role is important to them. Together we can form a true Team Richmond; a partnership with our stakeholders that enhances value and relevancy for all.

Our next satisfaction survey will be sent out in 2018, with our primary goal of increasing our satisfaction average from 3.58 to 3.75+.  Between now and 2018, Tourism Richmond is committed to creating programs that are relevant and usable by our stakeholders and tourism businesses in Richmond. If any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Carol Yeh at

Industry Development Update

Tourism Richmond is pleased to announce the launch of the Tourism Richmond Cooperative Marketing Investment Program. The program’s goal is to increase the marketing capacity of Richmond’s tourism industry and to enhance visitors’ experience to our city. Through the program, Tourism Richmond will invest in your good ideas; we will back industry-led marketing and experience development initiatives. You know your business and customers the best and we want you to succeed.

What does the program offer for you?

Within the program, there are five categories of investment. Each category offers a different opportunity for applicants to qualify for investment in:

  • Partnership Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Events and Festivals
  • Experience Development
  • Grant Scheme

For further information go to:

Find out more at a small group information session…

  • July 26 at 8:30am – Tourism Richmond Office Boardroom
  • August 1 at 8:30am – Gulf of Georgia Cannery Boardroom
  • August 2 at 3:30pm – Tourism Richmond Office Boardroom

Please RSVP with preferred session date to before July 24. We will fill spots on a first come first serve basis and try our best to accommodate your session preference.

Contact Ceri Chong, Manager, Industry Development for further information.