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Working with Travel Trade

The Travel Trade team's role is to promote Richmond to tour operators by enhancing our relationship with receptive tour operators. This is achieved through various sales and marketing activities, including attending marketplaces to connect with major tour operators, and organizing sales missions and FAMs with our hotel partners and major attractions.

The expected result is Richmond being included and promoted in the tour itineraries created by tour operators and receptive tour operators. Our target markets include Canada, USA, China, and Asia Pacific.

If any of our stakeholders would like to understand more about our approach with the travel trade market, please contact Ceri Chong via

What are tour operators?

Tour operators are the intermediaries between your business and travellers in domestic and international markets. There are different types of tour operators, including inbound, outbound, and receptive.

Inbound tour operators attract travellers into their country and handle all of the local tour arrangements. Outbound tour operators work to bring travellers to other countries.     

Receptive Tour Operators (RTO) live within your destination, and are very knowledgeable about the area. An RTO's role is to help with group tours as a liaison and concierge in the destination—and they work closely with inbound tour operators to create itineraries for incoming tour groups. An RTO might provide tour guide service, transportation arrangements, hotel bookings, or restaurant and attraction recommendations—and might even spend a day with the group. Many of them also sell their services to locals who would like to travel within your destination. 

In Richmond, there are more than 20 RTOs that provide services to group tours travelling to Canada and locals travelling within Canada.


We have curated a list of resources to help you get started.

Sales Flat Sheet

A flat sheet is meant to provide a snapshot of your business, including a short description, key differentiating factors, hours of operation, net rates, and your contact information. Please click here for an example of a sales flat sheet you can prepare to send to tour operators.

Destination BC Travel Trade & Travel Media Toolkit