Bodhi Meditation


*COVID-19 Update*

Bodhi Meditation has launched a FREE hour-long Relaxation Session on YouTube, which includes a 30-minute relaxation meditation and an energy healing session. This session helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Meditation, as we’ve learned, helps reduce anxiety, insomnia, and worry, and helps boost our immune system.


Bodhi Meditation offers unique techniques to help you access, absorb & apply energy to gain happiness and health. Founded by Master JinBodhi, who came from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in China, Bodhi Meditation offers a unique methodology that stimulates physical renewal and promotes general health. Acclaimed as a natural stress relief system, it further revitalizes the mind and frees the spirit, facilitating improvements in both mental clarity and physical well-being. Join Bodhi Meditation today and experience the true health and joy every day!

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