Chilliwack River Rafting Adventures

  • 49704 Chilliwack Lake Road
    Chilliwack, BC V4Z 1A7

Join us on the Chilliwack River in 2014 for your most exciting Vancouver BC white water rafting adventure!
Chilliwack River Rafting is Open year round, so why wait to enjoy the white water chills and thrills, the Cascade mountain scenery and a hot sauna after your trip. Pacific rainstorms only add to the fun. Call for trip updates. Thousands of river rafters and adventure seekers from Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and around the world visit Chilliwack River Rafting each year to enjoy our paddle rafting and overnight camping adventures. On the Chilliwack Classic you always have the option to walk around the biggest rapids. Ready to ramp it up? Challenge the Chilliwack Canyon's 14 km of nonstop action or try the Chilliwack Extreme trip with it's monster waves. So many ways to get wet and have fun. Make any of our trips an overnight camping adventure at our Riverside Resort along the river and enjoy the tasty meals, campfire and camaraderie.