Dine like a Critic - Richmond’s Chinese Culinary Scene


Explore the evolution of Richmond’s vibrant Chinese culinary scene with Globe and Mail food critic Alexandra Gill on a premium dinner experience. Exclusively available to small, private groups, your expert guide will show you how to dine like a professional food critic at three award-winning restaurants.

First, you will enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine and explore the finer points of Chinese dining culture such as etiquette, the essential ingredient of texture in foods and how to order a balanced meal. Next, you will indulge in upscale delicacies at a world-renowned hot pot restaurant. Finally, you will discover the latest trends in Chinese regional cuisine at a small gem off the beaten track.

Drawing on 15 years of culinary expertise, Alexandra will share her own personal journey with you as you also discover how the major waves of Chinese immigration to Richmond have transformed the city’s taste buds and culinary scene.

Tours available now - Thursday & Saturday