Steveston Spot Prawns - Fishing Vessel Just Travlin

  • Fisherman's Wharf
    3800 Bayview Street
    Richmond, BC V7E 6K7
  • (604) 318-0980

Enjoy fresh, live BC spot prawns at the Steveston Fisherman's Wharf. The spot prawns are wild-caught by local fishermen from the fishing vessel "Just Travlin" each day from early May to mid June. The spot prawns are purely organic and high protein food source with a delicious crisp and sweet taste. They are also harvested from an ocean wise, sustainable and strictly managed fishery. The 2020 season has been delayed until June 5th.

We will start selling on June 5th at $17 a pound off the boat and $20 a pound pre-ordered delivery to homes in Richmond.

Check "Steveston Spot Prawns" on Facebook and Instagram for daily updated selling times.