In the past two years, the team at Tourism Richmond has grown significantly. With a growing team, Tourism Richmond is thrilled to return to in-person team building events! This allowed staff to collaborate, socialize and bond differently than through day-to-day work. On Wednesday, June 28th, the Operations Team hosted a fun and interactive team social event.

The event started with a delicious lunch at Earl’s Kitchen, followed by a competitive team building activity called “Random Acts of Kindness.” Tourism Richmond staff were divided into teams of four and given a challenge to perform charitable acts around Richmond.

Tourism Richmond Staff and Starbucks Customer

Some of the challenges included writing a note of appreciation to a fellow staff member, partnering with another team to pick up garbage in a public area, or buying a stranger a Starbucks drink.

Tourism Richmond Staff performing random acts of kindness

After the Random Acts of Kindness, the team headed over to West Coast Mini Putt, to end the day off with an 18-hole Mini Golf game.

West Coast Mini Putt | Photo Credit: Danica Stanley

Thank you to the Operations Team (Laura and Diana) for making this event happen. The staff at Tourism Richmond feel grateful to be able to work with this wonderful team of professionals.