Tourism Richmond has been awarded a Safe Travels Stamp by the World Travel & Tourism Council (“WTTC”). This stamp is the world’s first ever global safety and hygiene stamp for the travel and tourism industry, and signals to the public that a destination is safe to visit. 

The Safe Travels stamp has been endorsed by over 200 tourism groups, including the United Nations World Tourism organization. Over twenty destination authorities from all over the world have been awarded the Safe Travels Stamp, including Canada. 

Tourism Richmond has played, and will continue to play, a leading role in ensuring visitors feel safe in our destination. As a designated public destination authority, Tourism Richmond will act as a Safe Travels ambassador to our tourism stakeholders and help them achieve their Safe Travels stamp.

The following stakeholders have achieved the Safe Travels Stamp and have committed to ongoing compliance with WTTC global protocols:



Tour Operators

The list will be updated on a regular basis; please continue to come back for an updated list.