The Cooperative Marketing Investment Program has been temporarily paused. We are not accepting applications at this time. Please check back on a regular basis for up-to-date information, or contact Ceri Chong at cchong@www.visitrichmondbc.com

Through Tourism Richmond’s Cooperative Marketing Investment Program, you could obtain 50/50 funding towards your marketing initiatives. The program has been designed to forge collaboration within the community, develop new experiences and assist our stakeholders in reaching new markets by making their marketing dollars go further.

To qualify for funding, your marketing initiative must fall into one of the programs categories outlined below, and must align with Tourism Richmond’s marketing strategy and target markets, which are: BC (excluding the Lower Mainland), Alberta, Washington State and China.

2018 was a banner year for the Cooperative Marketing Investment program! Over six completed projects, ranging from collateral creation to new experience development, received funding. For many of the participants, the program gave them the opportunity to try a new market or enhance their attraction in a way that was out of reach without the funding.

If you are launching a brand new experience in Richmond, you may be eligible to apply to the 2020 Pacific. Authentic. Scholarship.

We’re now accepting applications for the 2019 Tourism Richmond Cooperative Marketing Investment Program. Within the program, there are five categories of investment. Each category offers a different opportunity for applicants to qualify for investment. For further information and details on how to apply, contact Ceri Chong at cchong@www.visitrichmondbc.com.

*Initiative must qualify to receive funding up to a reasonable maximum amount, based on the initiative and organization.


Tourism Richmond’s Cooperative Marketing Investment Program has provided us with a great opportunity to create a product to help reach a new audience. Through the Experience Development program, we have developed new tools to help Chinese language visitors better understand and enjoy their experience at our museum. New Chinese visitor site maps, a Chinese tour script and subtitles for our new film have now made us market-ready for a whole new audience to discover what we have to offer. Throughout the process, Tourism Richmond has offered helpful product development advice, and have already started to promote our new products at trade shows and through FAMs. Thank you Tourism Richmond for this wonderful new program.” – Mimi Horita, Marketing & Visitor Services Manager, Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society

“The Cooperative Marketing Investments Program really assisted Fairmont Vancouver Airport in allowing extra funds to be able to make a greater impact on our Luxury Layover Campaign.  The results were more than what we could have expected and created great awareness of our location on social channels along with new business.” – Lesliann Kuhn, Director, Sales & Marketing, Fairmont Vancouver Airport 


Partnership marketing activities should demonstrate a collaboration between partners such as a partnered package (for example an accommodation and attraction package) or a creative concept that unifies the partners (a number of businesses joining together to create one campaign/selling point or experience). Through marketing partnerships, you can strengthen your product offering and reach new customers. Tourism Richmond can help you forge partnerships and fund your marketing initiative.


Creating good content is a must in today’s marketing. It should retain, and attract new customers. Whether it’s new photos for your digital campaigns, videos for posting on social media or having written content to tell your story, Tourism Richmond is here to support you.


Events and festivals can assist in increasing a destination’s visitation, as well as encourage repeat visitation; it can generate revenue for the city and reduce seasonal fluctuations. This program supports the marketing and/or enhancements of your event or festival.


The Experience Development Investment program supports the growth of Richmond’s tourism industry by investing in the development of new or enhanced tourism-related experiences; this could be anything from offering a new language on an audio tour, to developing a totally new experience for an attraction. Tourism Richmond’s investment will support the development of tourism experiences that are in demand, which will drive visitation to Richmond and increase tourism revenues.


The Tourism Richmond Grant Scheme has been put in place to support the growth of Richmond’s tourism industry and to assist non-profits who do not have substantial budgets to develop their experience or execute marketing campaigns.