Tourism Richmond is committed to building a visitor economy that benefits our community on every level. We are aiming to ensure regenerative tourism has the maximum positive impact throughout our city, we are also dedicated to helping local businesses and organizations that want to participate in this dynamic new approach.

Joining the city’s regenerative tourism drive will help your operation move to a healthy, sustainable future. And it will enable you to support and nurture our shared community, and potentially provide opportunities as the travel industry demands more regenerative action. The result? You’ll directly benefit from a productive, fully thriving visitor economy. And Richmond will enjoy the widespread fruits of a strong and more vibrant society.

Becoming a leader

Tourism Richmond is ready to support your transition to a regenerative and productive future. This starts with our suite of practical programs designed to revitalize your operations in a regenerative way. These hands-on solutions will bolster your organization, positioning you to fully benefit from the changing demands of the new visitor economy.

Richmond hotels, restaurants and hospitality businesses can also undertake a comprehensive food wastage audit with Vancouver-based BetterTable. This crucial process identifies inefficiencies within your organization, helping you to target solutions that save money, better organize your staff, and reduce your environmental impact. A grant program is available to help fund your audit.

Tourism Richmond is a proud member of the BC Green Business program, and our Gold Certification means we have refreshed our operations in a series of highly effective ways. For organizations committed to a future of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and more, we can assist in connecting you to this program, helping you to begin your own richly revitalizing transformation.

Regenerative Tourism Grant Program

Regenerative tourism is an approach to travel and recreation that emphasizes the restoration, preservation, and enhancement of both natural environments and local communities. Unlike traditional tourism, where the focus is primarily on personal enjoyment, regenerative tourism encourages travelers and businesses to actively contribute to the well-being of the destination.

The Regenerative Tourism Grant Program has been established to support the growth of sustainable initiatives in Richmond. This program aims to provide financial assistance to Tourism Richmond Stakeholders for implementing regenerative programs and/or actions in their businesses.

Qualified Organizations receive the following through the grant program:

  • Up to $2,000 in funding towards a program chosen and submitted by the Stakeholder.
  • Assistance where applicable in starting program enrollment.

Eligible Programs

Grant recipients can receive up to $2,000 towards one of the following programs: