Taiwan Taipei Original Pot

At Taiwan Taipei Original Pot, we strive to introduce people to a glimpse of our Taiwanese culture through taste buds. We dare not say we are the most authentic, or that we have family recipes passed on for generations. What we offer is delicious Taiwanese cuisine with a hint of creativity expressed through familiar mediums made with love. Our Chicken Pot is a mashup between Chinese hotpot and Taiwanese stir-fry, combining traditional flavors with a different form of presentation. We offer table side service to cater each pot to your specific preferences, making each pot uniquely for you. There are 50+ sides to choose from to add to your pot, ranging from fresh produce to seafood to pastry to extra meat; we have something for everyone. We are also very excited to share our new line of products — Taiwanese bento box meals. You can choose a different main course of protein, complemented with 3 types of side dishes and rice. Let us share a taste of Taiwan with you, with love.