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Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Arts, Culture & Entertainment in Richmond, BC

Richmond has a vibrant arts, culture and entertainment scene. Art can be seen all over the city – there are over 50 public art pieces to view, with plans to add more in the future. Talk a self-guided walking tour and be sure to bring your camera along! Creativity thrives in Richmond, and you’ll also find some amazing theatre and performing arts facilities here. From opera performances to comedic plays, there’s always something to entertain you.  

The city is also home to several museums and galleries, and no visit is complete without a stop at the Richmond Cultural Centre. It’s home to the Richmond Museum and the Richmond Art Gallery, where admission is free and the exhibits change regularly, so there’s always something new to see. There’s also an Olympic museum to check out, and several historic sites and museums in Steveston that are worth a visit.

Richmond is where the Far East meets the West Coast, and you’ll notice this at some of the city’s cultural events such as Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a big deal here, celebrated in January or February with 10 – 12 course feasts at local Chinese restaurants, gift fairs at the local Asian shopping centres, and traditional lion and dragon dances. Later in the year, in early September, the Richmond World Festival is the place to be. This event celebrates Richmond’s cultural diversity through music, food and cultural activities. The musical headliner of this event tends to be a major indie/alternative band. In 2015 it was Mat and Kim, and in 2016, Walk Off The Earth.  

And as for nightlife, you’ll soon discover that Richmond’s is unique! It’s not so much about bars and dancing until dawn as it is about food, entertainment, and games. Check out the 24-hour casino, a variety of escape rooms, two night markets, 24-hour dining, bubble tea cafes, and more. 

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