Golden Village
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Golden Village in Richmond, BC

The Golden Village – the dynamic hub of Asian cultural life in Richmond, BC – offers some of the world's best and most authentic Asian dining, shopping and more, all without leaving North America!

Asian Food in the Golden Village

Cantonese, Szechuan, Northern Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Malaysian – these are just a few of the cuisines you can try in the Golden Village. Savor authentic Japanese tapas, such as bite-sized, fried chicken karaage. Discover broth-filled xiao long bao soup dumplings, plump with pork, seafood and vegetables. Comfort yourself with a bowl of simple ramen, congee or Taiwanese noodles. And scoop up steaming dal with soft, warm roti canai or create your own masterpiece with do-it-yourself Korean BBQ or Chinese hot pot.

There are great restaurants on every road and in every plaza throughout the Golden Village, but the highest concentration is on Alexandra Road, also known as Food Street. It’s a short, bustling stretch of the Golden Village where in just three blocks you can choose from more than 200 restaurants, ranging from traditional family-style Chinese restaurants to the hippest contemporary pan-Asian eateries.

Asian Shopping in the Golden Village

Shopping in the Golden Village takes on a contemporary, Asian twist. The Golden Village boasts hundreds of Asian shops and services within four square blocks, and most are located within the city’s largest Asian shopping centres: Aberdeen Centre, Yaohan Centre, and Parker Place Mall.

How to get to the Golden Village

The Golden Village is bound by Sea Island Way and Alderbridge Way to the north and south, and by Garden City Road and No. 3 Road to the east and west. The Canada Line skytrain (rapid transit) route puts this dynamic part of the city in easy reach from most hotels. Two stations bring you to top destinations in The Golden Village: 

  • Aberdeen – located next to Aberdeen Centre, and within easy walking distance to Parker Place, Yaohan Centre and President Plaza
  • Lansdowne – located next to Lansdowne Centre, and within easy walking distance to Food Street

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