Food Street
Food Street

Food Street in Richmond, BC

Alexandra Road, otherwise known as “Food Street” or “Wai Sek Kai” among locals, is located in the Golden Village, a bustling commercial district heralded as a mecca for all things Asian, especially food. Although it’s only three blocks long, Alexandra Road is home to 200+ restaurants and a delicious world of dining experiences!

Food Street has the highest concentration of restaurants in Richmond, and boasts some of the best restaurants and the greatest variety in the city. Hungry visitors will find just about every style of Asian food and even some European cuisine along Alexandra Road, including Cantonese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Shanghainese and much more. Food Street originated as a dining destination created by locals, evolving organically over the years with new immigrants looking to share the foods of their homeland. The street itself is a cluster of strip malls, each one a warren of eateries adorned with bright, colourful signs advertising dishes such as hot pot, pho, dim sum and sushi.

Long-standing local favourites on Food Street include award-winning Jade Seafood Restaurant and Vivacity Restaurant for upscale Cantonese cuisine and dim sum. If you’re looking for family-owned restaurants, be sure to check out Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine and Seto Japanese Restaurant. And then there’s Snowy Village Dessert Café, a more recent addition to Food Street, which specializes in Korean bingsoo (shaved ice) with decadent toppings, such as mango, matcha, Oreo and more.  Whether you’re craving bubble tea, dumplings, hot pot, sashimi or deep-fried chicken, you’re bound to find it along Alexandra Road.

Insider tip: At peak hours, traffic slows to a crawl as hungry diners seek rare and precious parking spots. Wise diners leave their cars at home, take the Canada Line skytrain and walk from either Aberdeen or Lansdowne Station.

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