Shopping in Golden Village
Shopping in Golden Village

Shopping in Golden Village

If you’re an adventurous traveler with a love for retail therapy, it’s time to add the Golden Village to your must-visit list. The Golden Village is comprised of a few easy-to-explore square blocks that are the heart of Richmond’s Asian hub. Here you’ll find shops and services that provide an exciting mix of trendy and traditional Asian goods ranging from Chinese candies and Japanese teas to quirky Voodoo Dolls, must-have electronics, and the latest in Asian fashion.  

Asian Shopping Centres

Most of the shops and services in the Golden Village area are conveniently located within the city’s three major Asian malls: Aberdeen Centre, the largest Asian mall outside of Asia; Yaohan Centre, Richmond’s original Asian shopping centre, where the flagship store is the Osaka supermarket; and Parker Place Mall, a smaller, Hong Kong-style mall that features fashion boutiques, gift shops and electronics.  All three malls are located in the heart of the Golden Village and are easily accessible via the Canada Line.

In addition to eclectic shopping, Richmond’s three Asian-style malls showcase seasonal cultural performances and holiday celebrations, especially during Chinese New Year. They’re also where you’ll find delicious dining options that include everything from steaming bowls of pho and spicy hot pots to egg waffle ice cream sandwiches and bubble tea. This is not your typical food court fare!

$2 Superstore  

If you’re looking for great bargains, then Daiso is a must-stop for you. Daiso at Aberdeen Centre is the flagship North American venture for this well-known Japanese superstore. It’s a two-floor shopping extravaganza featuring more than 100,000 products – from household items to electronics, cosmetics and more – most priced at just $2!

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