Garry Point Park

Geocaching in Richmond, BC

For an exciting family-friendly day out, it’s hard to beat geocaching – using a smartphone or other GPS device to find ‘hidden treasures’ around the city.

Under its dedicated GeoTour program, Richmond has two separate geocache series: the Geo-Quest series of 30 caches and the Canada 150 series of 20 caches. Caches are located in parks, on trails and at community facilities across the city – and those who successfully complete each series can claim a prize.

How it works

Download a digital GeoTour passport or pick up a printed copy from the Richmond Nature Park interpretive centre; you’ll use this to record your progress.

Using the online clues, you’ll then navigate to designated GPS coordinates and find the ‘treasures’ – hidden geocache containers, each containing a secret word. You mark the word on your passport, return the container to its original spot and move on to the next set of coordinates.

For more information on Richmond’s popular GeoTour program, click here