Outdoor Adventure
Biking the West Dyke Trail

Outdoor Adventure in Richmond, BC

It’s easy to enjoy the outdoors in Richmond. With over 80 km (50 miles) of biking and walking trails throughout the city, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had. Many of the trails connect local parks and beaches, creating an easy walk to reach Richmond’s outdoor hotspots. The city’s parks and green spaces are also great places to see local wildlife, including a multitude of bird species (Richmond is located along the Pacific Flyway, a major migratory route), small mammals, amphibians and more.  

Looking for more activities? Richmond is home to several golf courses that are open year-round, so be sure to practice your swing while you’re here. And if you’re into fishing, there are plenty of opportunities to cast a reel in Richmond. Depart on a fishing charter from Steveston, or if you have your own gear, head to one of the city’s 5 fishing piers, platforms or floats.  

Geocaching is also a great way to get outside and explore the city. Take your smartphone or GPS device out for a spin and discover 30 hidden geocaches in parks, on trails and at community facilities throughout the city! And if you play Pokémon Go, be sure to hunt for Pokémon while you’re here. There are poké stops in places such as Steveston and Minoru Park.

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