West Dyke Trail
West Dyke Trail

Biking in Richmond, BC

Richmond is a great place to take a bike ride! The city has over 80 kilometres (50 miles) of designated cycle pathways that run throughout the city, taking you to the city’s urban and natural attractions. The pathways make cycling very safe, and Richmond is completely flat making for an easy and relaxing ride for all ages and abilities. Here are some routes to get you started:

Steveston to Finn Slough
One way: 6.9km | 23 minutes

Leaving from Steveston you can follow the bicycle path along the water’s edge, through Imperial Landing Park to the Britannia Shipyard National Historic Site. Take a short break to look around the historic site before continuing along Westwater Drive to the Dyke Road Dyke Trail path. Follow the Dyke Trail to London Heritage Farm. After you have enjoyed a walk around the farm or enjoyed afternoon tea, continue along the Dyke Trail. Head past No. 3 Road Pier, or take another short break to watch people fishing, and then head through the dyke trail dog park, continuing along the path until you get to Finn Slough. Finn Slough is a small Richmond community of people living in float homes and wooden houses built on stilts. From Finn Slough the Dyke Trail continues for a few kilometres – continue along the trail or make your way back to Steveston. 

Steveston to Terra Nova
One way: 6.3km | 20 minutes

From Steveston Village, make your way past the Gulf of Georgia Cannery towards Garry Point Park; enjoy the trails around the park before joining the West Dyke Trail. The trail takes you all the way to Terra Nova Rural Park, and there are plenty of opportunities to stop along the way and admire the views. Once you get to Terra Nova Rural Park the kids can enjoy the adventure playground before heading back to Stevesto. Alternatively, you can continue along the Dyke Trail to downtown Richmond.

Downtown Richmond to Terra Nova
One way: 5.8km | 20 minutes

From downtown Richmond make your way to the Middle Arm Dyke Trail that runs along River Road starting at Cambie Road. You’ll cycle past the UBC Boat House, the Richmond Olympic Oval, and onwards to Terra Nova Rural Park as you enjoy views of the Fraser River and mountains.

Downtown Richmond to Steveston
One way: 8km | 30 minutes

From downtown Richmond, make your way along the shared lane to the off-road trail that runs along Railway Avenue from Granville Avenue to Steveston. This pathway was once a railway track before being converted into a multi-use trail that’s used by walkers and cyclists. The path has no steep gradients and is all paved making for a comfortable ride. The path will take you to the east side of Steveston and from there you can make your way into the village centre and towards the waterfront.

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