Spirituality in Richmond, BC

Richmond’s diverse population and multiculturalism is reflected in the many places of worship located in the city. Even visitors who do not follow a particular faith or religion will be fascinated by the culture, history and architecture found at these sites.

Highway to Heaven

Over 20 religious institutions, including temples, mosques, churches and chapels reside on Richmond’s No. 5 Road, coined the Highway to Heaven.  

Within three kilometres, a variety of religions from Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jewish and Hindu traditions co-exist harmoniously. Many of these houses of worship welcome all visitors of any faith or religion with open arms, offering services in a variety of languages. Religious institutions of all sizes can be found on the informally named Highway to Heaven, from small monasteries with intimate prayer services to temples with large congregations and multi-level facilities.

Along the Highway to Heaven you’ll find the first traditional Tibetan monastery in Canada, the Thrangu Monastery. The prayer room boasts a 12 foot tall, gold-leafed Buddha statue, flanked by 34 smaller Buddhas and 1,000 Medicine Buddhas. Nearby, you’ll find one of the largest Muslim mosques in British Columbia, the Richmond Jamea Mosque.  All visitors are welcome to attend services and experience traditional Islamic architecture. Further down No. 5 Road is the Nanaskar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple. Opened in 1990, this traditional Punjabi Sikh temple offers free vegetarian meals to the public during lunch hours. Many more religious institutions can also be found along the Highway to Heaven.

Beyond No. 5 Road

Located on the Steveston Highway, the International Buddhist Temple is the second largest Buddhist temple in North America. Modelled after the Imperial City in Beijing, it is situated on 12 acres of land, featuring traditional Chinese architecture and art. Visitors can experience Buddhist ceremonies, lectures and meditation classes. 

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