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Terra Nova
Terra Nova

Terra Nova in Richmond BC

Terra Nova is a must-visit for nature lovers. This Richmond neighbourhood features some extraordinary views of the Pacific Ocean, Fraser River, and the North Shore Mountains.

Enjoy bird-watching at the estuary at Terra Nova Park, situated at the northwest corner of Lulu Island at the end of River Road. You may spot some of the 1.4 million birds - eagles, herons, and gulls - that migrate through Richmond each year on the Pacific Flyway. Try the observation platform, or snack at the picnic tables while you relax.

Check out the marshland and watch for wildlife while you wander along the West Dyke Trail. The vegetable garden and apple orchard in the Sharing Farm project at the Terra Nova Rural Park also make up a nice chill-out spot. Have a word with chef Ian Lai of the Terra Nova Schoolyard Society, who loves sharing his knowledge of organic produce and healthy cooking in his garden kitchen.