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Canada Line

Accessibility in Richmond, BC

Richmond stores, restaurants, attractions and hotels make accessibility a priority for people with mobility challenges, including seniors and those with disabilities.

Icons are displayed to indicate whether a business is fully wheelchair accessible or partially wheelchair accessible. Other icons show whether the business offers visual accessibility or hearing accessibility. This can include appropriate emergency alarms and plans, and communication materials in accessible formats.

Richmond is servedbyMetro Vancouver’s TransLink public transportation system of buses and light rapid transit, which includes the Canada Line skytrain.  Translink provides an array of accessible public transit options, including vehicles with either low floors and ramps or high floors with lifts, and all skytrain stations have elevators. Learn more about accessible transit here. The Vancouver International Airport also provides information on accessibility at the airport.

Many of the city’s facilities have also been rated for accessibility. The City of Richmond has partnered with the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) on an online accessibility rating tool called planat, which gives in-depth accessibility ratings to over 25 City and partner facilities.

Richmond is also incredibly flat, at just 1-metre (approximately 3 feet) above sea level. You’ll find 80 km (50 miles) of trails around the city, some of which are paved and easier to navigate; and plenty of local parks and community centres, some of which have been rated on planat

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