Public Transportation in Richmond, BC

You can get around Richmond by taxi, rented vehicle, bus, skytrain, or even by shuttle in some cases!

Traveling by Taxi

Orders for taxi service are accepted by phone or online; hourly rates are available upon request. Taxis are located at the airport, and use set prices from the airport to many areas of Metro Vancouver.

Public Transit - Compass Cards and Fare Options

Public transit in Metro Vancouver runs on a system that uses reloadable fare cards, called Compass Cards. You can purchase a Compass Card or a Compass Ticket from Compass Vending Machines located at:

- Skytrain stations (including the Vancouver International Airport)
- BC Ferries (Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay terminals)
- Select London Drug stores (including the one on Steveston Highway in Richmond)

Are you planning to spend a few days here? Traveling with stored value allows you to pay-as-you-go and depending on the length of your trip, may be the right choice for you. When you get a Compass Card, you purchase a dollar amount you want to load the card with. You'll also pay a $6 refundable deposit for your card on top of the value you add to the card. Every time you enter public transit, you tap the card to the reader. A fare amount is deducted from the stored value on your card. With the exception of exiting a bus, you tap the card reader when you exit public transit. Tap in and tap out.

Are you traveling around just for the day?DayPass Compass Ticket provides unlimited transit use on all buses and skytrains for one day from the start of service to the end of the service day. It’s handy for tourists who want unrestricted travel for the entire day! The cost of a DayPass ranges from $7.75 to $15.00 and they can be purchased at any Compass Vending Machine. Every time you enter public transit, you tap the card to the reader, and tap out as you leave. 

Are you traveling for less than a day? With a single fare Compass Ticket, you can transfer as many times as you need for up to 90 minutes. As long as you make your final transfer within 90 minutes, and tap out before the expiry of your in-system time (120 minutes), you won’t need to pay for a second fare.

Please note: the $5 Canada Line YVR AddFare is applied to Compass Tickets (Single Fares and DayPasses) sold on Sea Island and to Stored Value trips departing Sea Island and continuing to Bridgeport and beyond.

Traveling by Bus

Buses operate between 5:00 am and 1:00 am (approximately) and require exact coin fare or the tap of a Compass Card. As of Oct. 5, 2015, buses are 1 zone, all day, every day. Keep in mind that you can NOT transfer from bus to skytrain unless you are using a Compass Card, and you still need to purchase the right fare for the number of zones you're traveling in.

Tip: Adhere to bus etiquette and enter at the front of the bus, then exit at the back of the bus.

Traveling by Canada Line Rapid Transit (Skytrain)

The Canada Line operates between 5:00 am and 1:00 am (approximately). Tickets can be purchased at any Canada Line station, and cash, debit or credit is accepted. Richmond boasts seven Canada Line stations: YVR-Airport, Sea Island Centre, Templeton, Bridgeport, Lansdowne, Aberdeen, and Richmond-Brighouse. The Canada Line can whisk travelers from the airport to downtown Vancouver in just 25 minutes.

Please note: for those departing from Sea Island (where YVR Airport is located) there is a $5 AddFare fee automatically added to your transaction. This is only applicable for people traveling from YVR Airport Vancouver International Airport), Sea Island Centre and Templeton stations for travel beyond Sea Island. If you purchase your ticket from a station outside of Sea Island, this AddFare will not be applied.

Tip: trips between Templeton Station (McArthurGlen Designer Outlet) and the Vancouver International Airport are free of charge.​ Scroll through the ticket options for the "Sea Island Only" compass ticket option. This option is only available at Sea Island Canada Line ticket machines.  

Other Transportation Options

You can also rent a car or an RV; hire a limousine or sedan service; or even hop on a plane for a quick ride over to Vancouver Island.

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