Richmond, BC Fact Sheet

Learn a few more interesting things about Richmond, BC!

  1. Richmond is seven years older than Vancouver and was incorporated on November 10, 1879 
  2. Richmond is home to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) which welcomes 20 million airport passengers annually
  3. Number of hotels and hotel rooms: 23 brand-name hotels / 4,500 rooms
  4. Total combined square feet of meeting space: 145,000
  5. Richmond is located at the mouth of the 1,375 km long and mighty Fraser River
  6. Steveston has the largest commercial fishing harbour in Canada
  7. Richmond has a population of over 213,891
  8. 65% percent of the population is of Asian decent
  9. The top 3 places immigrants have arrived to Richmond from are: Hong Kong, China and Taiwan  
  10. The average life expectancy is 84.9 years – almost 4 years longer than the national average of 81.2 years
  11. Film and television production has grown significantly in Richmond; you can spot areas of Richmond in productions such as: Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, The Interview, and Godzilla
  12. Richmond is home to two National Historic Sites, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and Britannia Shipyards
  13. There are over 60 Temples, Mosques, Churches, and Chapels in Richmond, many of which stand side-by-side on No 5 Rd, which is also known as the "Highway to Heaven"
  14. The Agricultural Land Reserve preserves over 4,900 hectares of Richmond’s farmland (39% of the city) which hosts over 200 local farms
  15. The dominant crops that are grown in Richmond are blueberries and cranberries but you can also find: strawberries, corn, pumpkins, potatoes and much more
  16. Richmond is Canada’s largest producer of cranberries
  17. Opening in 2009, the Canada Line SkyTrain system (rapid transit) has made Richmond more accessible from the Vancouver International Airport and throughout the Lower Mainland
  18. Richmond is home to the iconic Richmond Olympic Oval, a legacy building constructed for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
  19. Richmond is only 220 km (136 miles) north of Seattle, Washington
  20. You can get to Richmond in approximately 20 minutes by freeway from the US/Canada border
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