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Relevant resources, tools, and information about funding and grants for individuals during the COVID-19 crisis.

Local Resources

To learn about and access local programs for individuals including meal programs, rental assistance, support for seniors, child care for essential workers and others, please visit the City of Richmond website.

Richmond Connects is the City of Richmond’s online hub, created to support and to stay connected to community members during this unprecedented time. In addition to enhancing individual and community well-being, your participation in Richmond Connects will continue to highlight our city as an active and healthy community as we continue to strive for excellence in wellness, recreation, sport, health, and physical activity.

Vancouver Coastal Health also has offers mental health and substance use support in Richmond. They offer a number of programs and services to support people of all ages through their journey with mental health. Click here to learn more.

Provincial and Federal programs:


Details: The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) gives financial support to employed and self-employed Canadians who are directly affected by COVID-19. CERB was extended from 24 weeks to 28 weeks for workers who stopped working due to COVID-19, or are eligible for Employment Insurance regular or sickness benefits, or have exhausted their Employment Insurance regular benefits or Employment Insurance fishing benefits between December 29, 2019 and October 3, 2020. 

More information: Click here for more information and to find out if you’re eligible.

Employment Insurance (EI)

Details: Employment Insurance (EI) provides regular benefits to individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. On August 20, 2020 the Government of Canada announced changes to the EI program. Click here and scroll down to the "Quick facts" section to learn more about the changes.

More information: Click here for more information and to find out if you’re eligible. Note that you cannot receive both the CERB and EI for the same period.


Details: The BC Emergency Benefit for Workers is a one-time, tax-free payment of $1,000 for BC residents who are unable to work due to COVID-19.

More information: Click here for more information and to find out if you’re eligible.

BC Hydro COVID-19 Relief Fund

Details: The BC Hydro COVID-19 Relief Fund program is now closed. If you've fallen behind on bill payments, you can call BC Hydro to set up a catch-up payment plan. You may also be eligible for a Customer Crisis Fund grant of up to $600.

More information: Click here for more information. 

Fortis BC Customer Recovery Fund

Details: The Fortis BC Customer Recovery Fund program is now closed. If you are having trouble paying your bill, call Fortis BC to set up a flexible payment solution.

More information: Click here for more information.

BC Temporary Rental Supplement (BC-TRS)

Details: The BC Temporary Rental Supplement (BC-TRS) program has ended. Renters may be eligible for BC Housing’s other rental support programs.

More information: Click here for more information.

GST Credit

Details: Eligible Canadians will continue to receive the quarterly GST/HST credit payments until the end of September 2020, however if your 2019 tax return has not yet been assessed, the payment amounts will be based on information from your 2018 return(s). You’re still required to file your 2019 tax return as soon as possible.

If your return has not been filed and assessed by early September 2020, your estimated GST/HST credits will stop in October 2020 and you may have to repay the estimated amounts that were issued to you as of July 2020.

More information: Click here for more information and to find out if you’re eligible.

BC Climate Action Tax Credit

Details: The BC Climate Action Tax Credit helps offset the impact of the carbon taxes paid by individuals or families. The BC government announced a one-time enhanced BC climate action tax credit payment for July 2020 to assist in the response to COVID-19.

More information: If you are eligible for the climate action tax credit, you will receive the credit payment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Click here for more information.

Canada Child Benefit

Details: Receive up to an extra $300 per child through the federal Canada Child Benefit for 2019-2020. This was paid out as part of the scheduled CCB payment for May 2020.

More information:  Click here for more information and to find out if you’re eligible. If you are already receiving the CCB, you do not need to re-apply. 


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