Our goal is that Richmond’s visitor economy will continue to grow over the coming years. We are committing ourselves to a dynamic regenerative tourism strategy that will help us ensure this growth provides maximum positive benefits throughout our city.

What do we mean by regenerative tourism? Award-winning writer Diane Selkirk defines it as, “The concept of developing travel experiences that ensure employees, businesses, communities and ecosystems can flourish.”

For us, “flourish” is the key concept here. Regenerative tourism starts by minimizing any possible negative impacts of the visitor economy. Which in turn develops and deepens its long-term shared benefits––becoming a restorative, revitalizing and renewable force across our community and visitors.

Cities like Richmond are already embracing regenerative tourism as a crucial catalyst for positive growth and prosperity. Like us, they also believe this new approach can meaningfully unite visitors and the community. Visitors will feel their trips are clearly benefiting the region. And locals can see that tourism done well provides enriching, nurturing and ongoing positives throughout our city.

Our Programs

An effective regenerative tourism strategy requires a profound commitment to action. And we have launched our new approach with a robust foundation of practical and inspiring projects.

We joined BC Green Business, a community-focused organization dedicated to helping businesses achieve pioneering levels of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. After refining and restructuring our operations, we attained their Gold Certification in 2023.

We have also collaborated with Synergy Enterprises, a global specialist in supporting organizations that are moving to a regenerative future. After auditing our carbon footprint, they are helping us to develop and implement a carbon offset and reduction program. This will help us achieve net carbon neutrality in 2024.

In 2023, we began a partnership with YVR Art Foundation, a not-for-profit that supports Indigenous art and artists in B.C. and Yukon. We are the Official Travel Partner for the organization’s Bill McLennan Masterpiece Study Program.

These diverse programs are just the beginning of our new approach. As our regenerative tourism strategy unfolds and intensifies over the coming years, we will continue to innovate, activate, and renew our expanding roster of projects for the benefit of the Richmond community.