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Dumpling Trail

Start Hungry. Finish Traveled.

Join the Chinese New Year celebrations in Richmond, BC. Travel the Dumpling Trail and also enjoy all the festive events that are happening in January & early February 2017.

Welcome to The Dumpling Trail. Imagine trying dumplings. The crispy, chewy, pot-sticking, pan fried, deep fried, stuffed with soup, stuffed with meats, stuffed with everything in between kind of dumplings. Try the 21 restaurants on this trail and taste all the dumplings of Asia in one conveniently-sized West Coast destination.

Welcome to The Dumpling Trail in Richmond, BC. Head out on a self-guided tour of some of the city's best dumpling hot spots!


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1. Dumplings: The first fast food.
The 13th century Mongols ate dumplings while on the move.

2. Game of Dumplings: Little known fact, dumplings make empires.
Gnocchi was supposedly used by ancient Romans and the recipe spread with their empire.

3. Dumplings: Fit for both kings and gods
In India modaks are offered to Lord Ganesh at the Hindu festival Ganesha Chaturthi.

4. Zhang: The OG Dumpling master
Chinese legend says the creator of the first dumpling was a physician named Zhang Zhongiing, who formed dumplings in the shape of ears and fed them to frostbitten villagers.


Whether you’re the solo traveler type or an instagram-foodie pro, you have a chance to win:

  • Return tickets (for two) to Richmond
  • A two-night stay at a Richmond hotel
  • A guided dumpling tour with Chinese food expert

Here’s how:

  • While at one of the Dumpling Trail Restaurants open your Google Maps App
  • Drop the pin on your location. If the pin drop isn’t showing up hold until your location comes up.
  • Share your location via text (swipe up on the white bar to see the options)
  • Choose share via text message and send it to us at 604.330.0808

**This contest is now closed.** For Terms and Conditions, click here


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