Tourism Richmond would not be the same without Ceri Chong, the Director of the Destination and Industry Development department. Congratulations to Ceri, for celebrating a lucky 7 years with the team.

Ceri Chong – Director, Destination & Industry Development

Read on to learn some fun facts about Ceri!

Describe the role of the Director, Destination & Industry Development.

As the Director of Destination and Industry Development, I manage a business unit that looks after Industry engagement and development, destination and experience development, visitor services, community engagement, and travel trade. These elements all come together to elevate Richmond’s destination experience. 

What is your favourite part about being the Director, of Destination & Industry Development? What do you enjoy the most about working for Tourism Richmond?

I enjoy all aspects of my role because pretty much everything I do impacts our stakeholders in some way. That could be by increasing visitation to their attraction or restaurant through one of our mobile apps or promotions, supporting their marketing, and experience development efforts through funding, or working with them to elevate their experience.  

Where is your favourite spot in Richmond and why?

Ceri’s dog, Norman, at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site

I do enjoy the contrasts of Richmond and how when I travel throughout the city I feel like I am moving around a larger region! I love walking and hanging out in Steveston, taking in the rustic charm, and being part of the community. I like to eat in central Richmond, eating at any restaurant or food stall is usually amazing. But my favourite thing to do is take my dog, Norman for walks around Richmond, he particularly likes McDonald Beach! 

What surprised you the most about Richmond, since working at Tourism Richmond?

When I first started here I thought I knew quite a lot about Richmond, but I soon realized I had a lot to learn, and I am still learning, I think I learn something new about Richmond every week, if not every day! So, I guess it surprised me how much I had to learn about Richmond and what I still don’t know. 

What is one thing you’re most proud of since working at Tourism Richmond?

Ceri at the 2017 Steveston Canada Day Parade during the first launch of the hop on hop off bus

I’ve worked at Tourism Richmond for seven years and have worked on many projects that I am proud of. But I think I am most proud of establishing the Destination and Industry Development department. Five years ago, I transitioned from my role as a Campaign Planner in the Marketing Department to Destination and Industry Development Manager and was tasked with heading up this brand-new department (of one!). Since then I have worked to develop programs that support our stakeholders and grow our destination. I’m now a Director, and we are a department of three dedicated professionals who are all passionate about what we do. 

For any visitors who have never visited Richmond, give them one can’t-miss recommendation on what they should do during their stay!

Ceri at the 2018 Richmond Night Market

Steveston village is a must, along with the two National Historic Sites – The Gulf of Georgia Cannery and Britannia Shipyards. Eating is another must! Try the food courts, hot pot, dim sum, and bubble tea.