Vivian Li – Manager, Marketing

Congratulations to Vivian Li on her promotion to the role of Manager, Marketing! Vivian joined Tourism Richmond in March 2022. Since then, she has been a valuable member of the team. Vivian has taken on a variety of marketing campaigns, leading many Destination and Industry Development initiatives, including the Steveston Spot Prawn and Seafood Celebration, Discovery Shuttle, Winter in the Village and many more. Vivian is also highly involved in overseeing Tourism Richmond’s social agency, managing content marketing strategy, and handling our website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Read on to learn more about what Vivian is most looking forward to in her transition to manager!

Are there any new challenges or opportunities that you’re excited about as the Manager, of Destination Development?

As I step into the role of Manager of Marketing, I am excited to embrace new opportunities and tackle new challenges that lie ahead. I will lead new initiatives, engage more closely with agencies and stakeholders, and collaborate with our talented team members to develop and execute marketing campaigns that effectively showcase and promote Richmond. I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility while ensuring continuous success for the marketing team.

Did you receive any special training or support to prepare you for your new role? How has it helped you in your transition to Manager?

I completed a project management certification this year, which helped me to acquire a broader and deeper understanding of managing projects and leading project teams. I am thankful to my director, Patrick Gill, who guided me through the transition process, and provided valuable advice. He always makes himself available when I need support. Additionally, the delightful work environment and positive culture at Tourism Richmond has made my time here truly enjoyable – also a source of inspiration for me to aim for greater success.

How does it feel to have achieved this milestone in your career?

It feels rewarding. This milestone is a validation of my dedication and passion I have put into my career. I also see it as a new beginning, a motivation for me to pursue new challenges and opportunities.

All the best in your new role, Vivan!